Year 2 Musical – The Emerald Crown (Dress Rehearsal) [toucan birds]

The Y2 boys’ performance of the musical The Emerald Crown was an amazing feat. The lush jungle backdrop provided a rainforest setting for multi-coloured birds, bats, jaguars, an anaconda and trees. Beautiful costumes and scenery, plus face paints brought the concert hall to life. If you missed it, here is the story….

The tranquillity of the rainforest was shattered by the arrival of Ruthless the ‘Twentieth Century Highwayman’ and his workers. They started destroying the trees for profit. All the wildlife of the jungle, led by a rapping Toucan, decided to teach these profiteers a big lesson. With the promise of even greater treasure, they lured them on a perilous journey through the jungle. The workers were disappointed to see that the treasure was just trees and the Jaguar who is Queen of the jungle was just a great big pussycat. The final lesson comes when the jaguars and all the jungle creatures will not let the workers cut the trees down. The animals and the trees stand together against the men showing them that the relationship of the animals and trees is stronger than Ruthless and his gang and all that money can buy.
toucan birds