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Why Does My Parrot Yawn?


When peering into your beloved parrot’s cage, you notice that they begin to yawn. No, you’re not boring your feathered friend — and no, they didn’t stay up all night watching the nature channel. Just like human beings, parrots also partake in this natural phenomenon — but what is the reason behind it?

Again, You’re Not Boring

Despite what you may think at times, your parrot absolutely adores any attention you provide it with — even if it entails smiling. Although there isn’t a specific scientific explanation as to why your feathered companion yawns from time-to-time, most research does conclude that parrots will yawn when (you guessed it) they’re tired. Although this may seem like the only logical explanation, there are other reasons why your feathered friend will yawn — and it’s not only because they’re tired.

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You Made Their Day

In addition to yawning because they’re tired, your parrot will also yawn when they’re happy! That’s right: when either you’re petting your beloved feather baby or you’re talking to them, a simple yawn means that your little buddy is super ecstatic and is enjoying the attention! The next time your parrot begins to yawn when you’re giving it affection, think of that simple yawn as a perfect little smile! This is one of the many reasons why being the owner of a parrot is the best — as well as having any other species of bird!

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