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Adding a new feathered friend to your family?  You want your new pet bird to feel comfortable and at home in his new cage! Here are a few tips to help you set up your very first birdcage with some must-have accessories:

How to Set Up Your Bird Cage:

  1. Add Plenty of Perches - Provide your new feathered friend with a variety of perches.  Choose different lengths, widths, textures, and sizes to provide options for your bird's feet and allow them to exercise and keep their joints flexible. Textured perches will also help keep their nails trim.
  2. Add Food & Water Bowls - Your bird will need access to food and water bowls.  Attach the food bowls to the side of the cage (rather than the floor).
  3. Add a Cuttlebone - Cuttlebones and mineral blocks supply your bird with necessary nutrients.  They also help keep your bird's beak in good shape.
  4. Add Plenty of Toys - In addition to the health essentials - you'll need to add toys to your cage! Birds are very active and love to be entertained. Bells and other toys are a great way to keep your new feathered friend entertained.

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If you are having trouble deciding on the right sized bird cage for your pet, or you're not sure what type of perches, toys, and accessories you need to provide your new bird with a comfortable home, visit our Mineola location. We have a wide variety of bird supplies and with over 30 years of experience, we can help you set up a cage that your bird will be happy in.

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