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What should I do with my pet parrot during winter?

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Winter is a difficult time for both you and your pet birds. Pet care during winter season is a common topic of discussion among all those who love pets. Your feathered friend needs some extra care to overcome the frosty winter. Pet birds can be garden birds or those birds in cages. The method of care should depend on the way how you keep your pet. Birds in cages can be moved to indoors as a part of pet care during winter season. But, the condition of garden birds is different. They need some additional care during the winter season to survive the changes in the climate. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Tips To Protect Delicate Flowers In Winter When comparing with caged birds care, you have to take more effort in keeping garden pet birds at a comfortable temperature, providing them with enough food when there are no natural resources and raising the baby birds if any. Caring pet birds is not so easy during the freezing winter. But if you know some tips for pet care during winter season, you can make caring pet birds an easy task. There are tips for pet care during the winter season that you can apply for both caged birds and garden birds. Here are some ideas that will help you in caring your pet birds during this winter, to keep them safe, healthy, and comfortable. Keep them indoors: No pet lovers will even think of keeping their pets in the freezing cold outside. Your pet birds also demand the same. Keep your caged birds in the indoors and if possible make necessary arrangements for a temporary indoor shift to your garden pet birds. Maintain the room temperature: It is important to keep the room temperature in an optimum degree for supporting your pet birds. While using a room heater, take care to keep the humidity as well. Dried air can cause dryness of mucous membranes in birds. Maintain humidity: Using room heaters can dry up the air. This is not good for the health of your pet bird. Allow your pet birds to inhale some steam. The best idea is to keep the cage in your bathroom, while you have your warm water bath. Change drinking water often: The cold climate of the winter season will make the given drinking water cold very fast. Your pet birds may find it difficult to drink cold water. While caring pet birds, remember to keep their drinking water warm. Supply food: Supplying enough food is more important while considering garden pet birds. During winter, it is difficult for garden bird to get their natural foods. Provide foods that will give enough calorie and energy for the birds. Warm bath: Birds usually love playing in the water. If your pet bird loves having a bath, it is a good idea to do it. Give a short warm bath to your pet bird. Remember to make your bird dry immediately. Bathing will give them a chance to get exposed to humidity as well. Keep your room safe: If you are not keeping your bird caged, you have to take extra care in keeping your room safe for the bird. Avoid burning wood, coal or charcoal in a closed place, avoid gas burners, and keep the room heating measures out of the reach of your bird.

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