Tropical Birds- Gardens with Butterflies and Relaxing Music or Nature Sounds [amazon bird]

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Bring nature into your home or office with this special, colourful ambient and nature DVD. The stunning images, the beautiful music or soothing sounds of nature provide a deep relaxation.
Imagine yourself walking through different amazing sceneries and watching a wonderful spectacle of tropical birds, flowers and butterflies. This nature DVD is perfect for a relaxing day at home .

All six tracks can be played with the soothing sounds of nature or beautiful music compositions.

1. Tropical bird movie: enjoy a great variety of tropical birds in their natural habitat.

2. Slowly-changing images: three mini-tracks of ten minutes with rare tropical birds, tropical gardens with amazing butterflies and birds in different water sceneries.

3. Bird bath: playful tropical birds taking a bath.

4. Bird cage: relax with the beautiful sound of award winning songbirds from Asia.

5. Flamingo pond: graceful flamingo’s in a pond with a soothing waterfall.

6. Tropical garden: A beautiful tropical garden in the soft rain in the monsoon season.

Filmed in full HD , this DVD allows you to see the finest details of the stunning birds and butterflies as well as wider shots of lush tropical gardens and water sceneries.
All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically or choose the Play All function.


This makes a lovely addition to any collection of ambient DVDs with its high quality sound and brilliant colorful scenes. Amazing videography captures a diverse amount of colorful exotic birds as well as stunning scenery from a rustic birdbath to waterfalls that gently flow down the side of a small embankment.

Pamela Moorman
amazon bird