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Hand feeding baby parrots from seven weeks old through weaning is quite easy. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation written and repeated to the contrary. Rarely do positive hand feeding experiences get published, but any of the few problems become headline news for years. These horror stories are repeated so often and without reference that they have become "Urban Legends." New hand feeders are left with the belief that baby parrots are being abused in most every case. On the contrary, all that is needed is a little information, common sense, and time. At Hartman Aviary, we have produced thousands of babies with very few complications.
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Proper feeding and nurturing requires more experience in the first few days of life. Like us, baby parrots are born helpless. Feeding young babies that still require a brooder should be attempted only by an experienced professional or by someone getting close supervision by an experienced professional hand feeder. At Hartman Aviary we recommend not taking your pet home until he has been flying for one week.

Time and patience are necessary requirements to realize a satisfying and rewarding experience. The needs of a baby parrot are in many ways similar to a human infant. Attention to a few details will help you avoid problems and reward you with a healthy, independent, lovable, lifelong companion. This chapter is only a guide to explain the needs of a baby parrot; we suggest you read as much other information as possible.

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