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Green Wing Macaw for sale

green wing macaw eggs

The green wing macaw is one of the most readily available of the macaw species, and also one of the largest, smaller only than the hyacinth macaw. Its calm and friendly temperament despite its size has earned it the epithet ‘the gentle giant.’ It should be the obvious choice as a pet for someone looking to own a macaw. Green-wing […]

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Moluccan cockatoo For sale

The Moluccan cockatoo is a favorite among bird fanciers due to its striking appearance and wonderful temperament. Moluccans are also called salmon-crested cockatoos because of the salmon-pink feathers that comprise most of their head crest, which they will display when they are excited, angry, afraid, or thrilled with something. The Moluccan is a large bird, one of the largest white […]

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Double Yellow-Headed Amazon for sale

amazon parrot eggs for sale

Double yellow-headed Amazon are probably the most popular and well known of all Amazons. They are intelligent, inquisitive birds and remain relatively easy to handle. They are well known for their talking ability. Mature birds, especially males, may become aggressive. They are relatively common in captivity and often available for pets. They are active by nature and have a tendency […]

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Golden Conure egg for sale

golden conure egg for sale

Golden Conure (or Queen of Bavaria Conures) are a beautiful, striking golden-yellow. Babies will have green feathers scattered on their backs and heads, but molt these feathers as they age. Their beaks are horn colored, rather than black. Stunning in their brilliant yellow color, the golden conure (or Queen of Bavaria conure) is, without a doubt, a beautiful bird. They […]

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Moluccan cockatoo egg for sale

Moluccan cockatoo

Moluccan cockatoo (salmon-crested cockatoos) are affectionate birds that bond strongly with their owners, thriving on the social interaction. Moluccans are a cuddly bird that tends to get clingy at times. As pets, they want to be as close to their human mate as they naturally would with a mate in the wild. This bird needs a dedicated owner. This parrot […]

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Senegal Parrots for sale

Senegal Parrots are considered quiet by most people’s standards, but they definitely can let out loud and piercing screeches when excited, alarmed or upset. In general terms, however, they can make good apartment birds as noise is rarely a problem. In the wild, on the other hand, flocks of these social parrots are often heard chattering continuously, with a range of […]

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lovebird for sale online

lovebird egg for sale

A lovebird might be one of the smaller parrot species available as a companion pet, but this bird is inquisitive and seemingly always on the go. As their name suggests, lovebirds are known for the loving, attentive bond they tend to form with their mates. The Madagascar Lovebird weighs about 25 – 36 grams (0.8 – 1.3 oz) and has […]

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Ringneck Parrots for sale

ringneck parrot eggs

Ringneck Parrots are highly intelligent and, for the right owners, can make excellent pets. They must be handled consistently in order to remain tame. If not sufficient interaction is provided, they will quickly revert to their wild behavior. However, well socialized Indian Ringnecks generally have pleasant personalities. They learn concepts quickly and like to perform tricks, such as untying knots, […]

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Blue and Gold Macaw for sale

blue and gold macaw

The blue-and-gold macaw is aptly named, with a gorgeous blue body and dark lemon-yellow chest, this is a bird that’s hard to miss. It also referred to as the blue-and-yellow macaw. This macaw has a green strip of feathers just above its black beak, and a partially naked face that will blush pink when it is excited. Its feet are […]

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Yellow-naped Amazon for sale

Yellow–naped Amazon parrots are intelligent creatures that make excellent pets for owners who want to form a great bond with their bird. Their remarkable speaking abilities make them one of the most popular Amazon parrot species. Their outgoing personalities make yellow-naped Amazons one of the more popular Amazon species. Yellow napes can be talkative and gravitate toward toys that challenge them both physically and mentally. […]

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