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lilac-crowned Amazon for sale

The lilac-crowned Amazon is one of the smaller Amazon species and tends to have a smaller voice compared to the larger, more boisterous yellow-crowned and double yellow-headed Amazons. Lilac crowns can be loyal companions and, like most Amazons, have hearty appetites. Speech and Sounds As time passes and your pet spends more time around people, he will pick up a […]

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Winter Care for Pet Birds|Winter Prepare For Your Bird|How to Prepare Your Bird for Winter

Many birds need your help adapting to the changing seasons. Most birds that are kept as pets are native to a rainforest climate. These pet owners must take steps to prepare their bird for the change in temperature and humidity that occurs during indoor winters. Your pet will become stressed if not properly cared for, and his immune system and […]

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Smartest Birds You Can Keep as Pets

Animal intelligence has been studied for years and birds are often at the top of the list of smartest animals. But some birds, including parrot species that are often kept as pets, have shown to be smarter than others.   African Grey Parrot African Grey parrots are the most heavily studied species of pet birds and have demonstrated a very high […]

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Black Palm Cockatoo |Palm Cockatoo for sale|Black Palm Cockatoo eggs for sale

The black palm cockatoo can be a good pet, but don’t expect it to be as affectionate as many other parrots. They require a lot of attention to tame though they are very intelligent and social birds if the owner is consistent and can provide the time and attention needed. Cockatoos require a lot of time and attention–much more than any other pet […]

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Bird Brooder for sale|Exotic bird brooder|Parrot brooder for sale

How to Build a Local Brooder for your baby birds Raising chicks is infinitely easier than incubating eggs, but there is still much more to it than just plopping them in a coop. They need a toasty-warm mini-coop – a brooder – to nurture them into toddler hood. If they had a mother of their own, the chicks would crowd […]

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Wholesale macaw eggs| Macaw eggs for sale|Macaw eggs|Scarlet macaw eggs for sale|Hyacinth macaw eggs for sale |Blue and gold macaw eggs for sale

Parrot hybridization | Macaw Hybrids |Types of Hybrid Macaws |Hybrid Macaws Eggs for sale Depending on genetic affinity, it is possible to make crossings between specific groups of parrot species. This phenomenon has always attracted the attention of breeders, who have experimented various combinations in order to obtain animals with new colours and to transfer mutations from one species to […]

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Parrot hatching eggs for sale |Parrot eggs for sale Europe | Buy Fertile Birds Eggs-Macaws

Incubators and incubating tips for bird and parrot breeders I am sure most of us dream about breeding our birds without having to resort to incubating and hand rearing, a task we all know is not to be undertaken lightly. Sooner or later there comes a time when artificial incubation is necessary not only to save an egg or chick, […]

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African Grey Parrots |African Grey eggs |African Grey fertile eggs for sale

The incredible birds we’ve come to know as African Grey Parrots actually encompass two parrot species – Grey & Timneh Parrots (Psittacus erithacus and Psittacus timneh). Highly intelligent with amusing personalities, African Greys make very popular companions. However, deforestation and abundant trapping for the wild bird trade has left both species sadly endangered. Nesting near the tops of forest trees, gregarious Greys form […]

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Main Tips to Train your Lovebird

Lovebirds (Agapornis) are very popular pets that are native of Africa. Many people decide to adopt a lovebird, whether for their vivid colors or for their happy and playful personality. As their name suggests, lovebirds are very sociable and loving birds who famously enjoy being surrounded by members of their own species and finding a partner to spend their life with, as […]

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Steps how to Handfeeding the Baby Parrots

Handfeeding the Baby Parrots 1. Preparing the Handfeeding Formula With a little patience, anyone who can feed a baby human can feed a baby parrot. Once a formula has been chosen read the manufacturer’s instructions a few times. Reading a few times is necessary because mixing and feeding the formula is very easy to do correctly, but our apprehensions may […]

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