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Red Fronted Macaw egg for sale

red fronted macaw

Red fronted macaw are lovely pets due to their playful and extrovert personality.  Hand-raised macaws adapt quickly and are easy to handle. Socialization must start at an early age to avert fearful behavior. They have a tendency to become nippy as well as destructive. Mate aggression is uncommon among them but they get noisy during breeding. Speech and Sound There’s a […]

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Military Macaw for sale|Buy Military Macaw bird|Military Macaw breeder

Military Macaw Colors and Markings Military macaws are mainly green, with more of a bright lime green on the head that progresses into darker and olive greens on the body. They have brilliant blue edging on their wings and a bright red tuft on their foreheads. The tail feathers include browns and reds, with a yellow-olive tint underneath. These birds have […]

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