“Summer Bird” – Miss Natasha Enquist [amazon bird]

Watch "SUMMER BIRD" online with MTV Germany:

Available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/summer-bird-single/id1037989012
on Amazon: http://www.amazon.de/Summer-Bird-Miss-Natasha-Enquist/dp/B0159HLCUK
Music video by:
Directed by ‪Salvatore Siciliano‬,
Video and editing by ‪‎Vittorio Bonanni Caione‬ & ‪‎Cesare Zomparelli‬
Produced by MNE Records
Production assistant: Eustan Biletski
Filmed and produced in Berlin, Germany
© 2015 MNE Records

Special thanks to:
Akkordeon Centrum Brusch for the white Cantonelli accordion (http://www.akkordeoncentrum.de/akkordeons/Cantonelli)
White leather harness by Johannes J. Jaruraak

Debut single from Miss Natasha Enquist's forthcoming album, "MNE". (http://www.natashaenquist.com)
Recorded and produced at Kollo Agency, Berlin, Germany (http://kolloagency.com/)
amazon bird