Sprouting Seeds

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to sprout our seeds. The Sprouting Seeds, when fully developed, are full of lots of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for your Parrot. They should be served in addition to your Parrot’s daily diet.


We decided to grow the seeds ourselves so we could tell you exactly how they grow and what to do.

Stage One

We poured roughly a third of the bag into a feeding dish. We then filled roughly a quarter of the dish with water, so that the seeds were almost covered.

Stage Two

We stirred the mixture and left it in by the windowsill, so it was in sunlight.

Stage Three

We checked the water levels of the seeds every day and rinsed the water if needed.

Stage Four

After a few days we had shoots growing from the seed and had a delicious meal ready to prepare for our staff’s Parrots.