Sinéad & Ken | The LOVEBIRDS [lovebirds]

When long-term friends Sinéad and Ken finally got together the exciting news spread very quickly among their friends. Everyone had been waiting for that special moment for quite a while. Whoops and hollers followed them leaving the scene of their first kiss hand-in-hand and they have since become inseparable. Everyone knew right away that they were made for each other and they quickly became know as the LOVE BIRDS.

We really loved working with Sinéad and Ken – they’re the kind of people you’d love to hang out at a party with, when they take a break from gazing into each others eyes or giggling together some place!

Their eclectic taste was ever present throughout the big day from the funky gifts they exchanged to the record player at the foyer of Mount Falcon that was spinning out consistently great tunes. Mojitos, badges with song lyrics, yummy sweets and tons of incredibly cool details that were meaningful to both Sinéad and Ken were scattered throughout the day. Yes, these guys have taste!

Ken is a musician and his song serves as the backdrop to the opening of the piece. (The band’s name is Norabelle and we seriously recommend you check them out Ken found his inspiration in Sinéad for writing lyrics for this song (amongst many others) in Gregarious Bird (

We hope you enjoy! We certainly did!

Ps…..thanks for a really fun day Sinéad and Ken!