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The very colorful scarlet macaw is a large parrot. The plumage is predominantly scarlet, with light blue feathers on tail covert feathers and rump. The longer upper wing coverts are colored yellow, the upper sides of flight feathers on the wings are a dark blue, and so are the ends of their tail feathers. The undersides of the tail flight feathers and wings are dark red with iridescence of metallic gold.

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These macaws have bare white skin surrounding their eyes and as far as the beak. Their upper beak is mostly pale, while the lower is black. Male and females look the same, and the only difference between young birds and adults is that the former have dark eyes while the latter have light yellow eyes.

Diet as Pets
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If you have a scarlet macaw as a pet, it is crucial to make sure he always eats a diet that is catered exclusively to his species’ needs. Scarlet macaws require basic dietary elements such as commercial macaw pellets, whole grains and fresh produce. As “once in a while” treats, nuts are acceptable in tiny amounts. Before offering your pet pellets, speak to a veterinarian to ensure that the formula is indeed suitable for scarlet macaws. After all, pellets are the bulk of his diet. Some fresh veggies and fruits that are safe for these birds include carrots, apples, pears and broccoli. Only offer your scarlet macaw foods that a veterinarian has confirmed as safe.

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Scarlet Macaws nest high above the forest floor in hollow trees (the Aguaje palm is a favorite). The female lays 1-4 white eggs, which she alone incubates for 24-28 days. Both adults take care of chicks until they fledge at about 14 weeks, and then for a few weeks afterwards. Even after they are officially able to care for themselves, juvenile Scarlet Macaws will stay with their parents for up to two years. The parents won’t breed again until their previous offspring are totally independent, making it common for a breeding pair of Scarlet Macaws to only breed every-other-year.

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