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Red Fronted Macaw egg for sale

red fronted macaw

Red fronted macaw are lovely pets due to their playful and extrovert personality.  Hand-raised macaws adapt quickly and are easy to handle. Socialization must start at an early age to avert fearful behavior. They have a tendency to become nippy as well as destructive. Mate aggression is uncommon among them but they get noisy during breeding.

There’s a little bit of everything when it comes to Red fronted macaws. They can learn a couple of basic words to repeat from an early age, and will also try and mimic human conversations. Their call consists of loud caws and screeches, but it is not often you will hear it. It comes on mostly when something is wrong, or your pet is neglected and lonesome. To keep this level of noise at the minimum, provide a lot of interaction and make sure your pet has all it needs.

Most macaws are full of striking colors and magnificent patterns. These macaws, on the other hand, are much simpler in color, but still beautiful and unique nonetheless. The body is mostly colored in lush, tropical green. A large, red patch on the forehead gives them their name and their most distinguishing detail. It is combined with red, “blushing” spots on the cheeks, a fiery orange-red pattern on the very top of the wings and magnificent blue on the largest flight feathers. These toned down and perfectly combined colors really make a beautiful macaw.

The Red fronted Macaw is also called the Red-cheeked Macaw or Lafresnaye’s Macaw. It is the smallest of the large Macaws. They are fairly light green, with more intense green on the head and neck. They have red on the forehead, crown and a spot behind the eye, thus the common names; Red-fronted and Red-cheeked.

The bend of the wing and along the front edges are an orange-red. The outer feathers of the wing are a gray blue and the tail is olive green with a blue tip. They have a smaller white to pinkish naked facial area, with the faint brown cheek feather tracings being restricted to just under the eye. The legs are dark gray, the beak is a gray-black, and the eye is orange.

Courtesy Darren L Edwardson“Polo is a baby Red-fronted Macaw and he is gorgeous. Very loveable and LOVES to lay on his back in my lap and play. He can be a little nippy, but not hard. He is not loud at all and loves attention.

I also free fly Polo indoors and outdoors. This is done only with much training. Do not try this unless you know what your are doing!

They are absolutely fantastic birds and a GREAT joy to have. He is AMAZING .. 😉 “….Darren

The Red Front Macaw is a full sized macaw, though they are smallest of the large macaws. These birds are about 24 inches (61 cm) in length. A younger bird under six months old will be missing the red crown and the orangish red feathers on the wing edge. They also have orange under their wings and red on the legs.

Red-fronted macaws require sufficient amount of energy for good health. Their natural diet like the palm nut is rich in calories and oil. Feed them formulated food (pelleted or extruded) for proper nutrition. Fresh fruits and vegetables help in the physiological development of these birds.


It is important to bathe the macaws regularly to keep their skin and plumage healthy. Sprinkle them with a hose by putting their cage outside and then allow them to dry up in the sun later on.

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