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Yellow-crested cockatoo Baby

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They are well raised and socialized.

They come with;
*DNA test
*CITES certificate
*Current veterinary certificate
*Health certificate
*Hatching Certificate
*Care Sheet/Fact Sheet
*Diet Sheet

Estimated delivery between 2021/04/15 - 2021/04/17

Yellow-crested cockatoo are primarily white with black beaks. They sport a beautiful crest of yellow feathers on top of their heads. It has a yellow wash on the underside of its wings.

The sexes look similar, although the female can be distinguished at close range by its reddish-brown eye. The male’s eyes are darker brown or black.

This distinction does not become apparent until the bird has reached maturity, which varies between 3 to 5 years of age.

Fun Facts for Kids

  • Yellow-crested cockatoos (also known as lesser sulphur-crested cockatoos) are the smallest sulphur-crested parrots.
  • Cockatoos are able to hold their food with one foot while breaking off pieces with the other.
  • They are very gregarious animals and learn quickly to mimic. Their cry is very shrill.
  • Sometimes these birds attempt to eat quite large coconuts.
  • Cockatoos which are pets need a great deal of attention or they will become unhappy.
  • Cockatoos are very smart, and if they suffer from boredom, they can destroy things.
  • Cockatoos are the only parrots possessing head crests, which they use to communicate with one another.
  • Cockatoos are the only members of the parrot family that are naturally white or pink. Usually a white parrot is regarded as a genetic mutation or an albino.
  • A cockatoo’s bite is stronger than any other bird, due to their 3-point lower bill.
  • Cockatoos are extremely curious and smart. They can work out how to unlock their cage and will then set out to explore your house. They are one of a few birds that aren’t afraid when placed on the ground.
GENUS: Cacatua
SPECIES: Cacatua sulphurea

Scientific nameCacatua sulphurea

Higher classification: Cacatua
Family: Cacatuidae
  • They are Hand Reared from day 1 and have been brought up beautiful house hold environment.
  • All our birds are lovely silly time close ring with the hatching certificate extremely beautiful and highly intelligent lovely family pet and are in very good size.
  • Their Feathers are in perfect shape and their colors are very shiny and Vibrant.
  • From the time of their Birth to weaning Stage, we have Given a lot of care to all our babies and have made every obstacle easy for new owners to own these beautiful gentle parrots.
  • They have a Lovely large neck & Heads.
  • Our Birds are Amazing loves human interaction and are friendly.
  • Can Play around with other animals and children.

Added Advantages during shipping of our birds;
A). We ship them in a free cage
B). With Enough food and water for the bird
C). The delivery service takes care of the bird during shipping deal the birds reaches the destination
D). All documents are ship along with the birds.
E). We also provide a feeding guide for the birds.

Buyers should always indicate or advice if they will need additional documents.


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