• Digital Temperature display
  • Digital humidity display
  • Automatic humidity control
  • Convenient jog dial operation for optimised user interface
  • Transparent double insulated viewing window
  • Holds up to 70 Hen chicks
  • Holds up to 150 Quail chicks
  • Holds up to 40 Ducklings
  • Holds up to 20 Goslings
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The Rcom Maru 100 Deluxe Max Hatcher/Brooder is an exceptionally high-quality machine designed for those who need a reliable combined Hatcher and Brooder.

Compared to other cabinet-style hatcher – brooders, this Rcom MX100HBD has significantly more features. These special features include an innovative PTC heated humidifier which eliminates bacteria from the humidity reservoir. The hatchers most impressive feature is its ability to detect when the door is open and increase the temperature to compensate for heat loss.

Main Features

  • Digital Temperature display & interchangeable between Degree C / Degree F, with a range of 0 -42.0°C (68.0-107.6°F)
  • Digital humidity display with a range of 20-70{651426b865f0a062bfb59c56b6c0524367a989180cc5ce9481bc2d06e2425863}
  • Automatic humidity control with built-in humidity pump (no external pump needed)
  • Convenient jog dial operation for optimised user interface
  • An integrated simple control panel
  • Transparent double insulated viewing window
  • Abnormally high or low room temperature alarm
  • Built-in LED light for ease of viewing when the door is open
  • Variable air vent to allow for easy control of air inside the unit.
  • Hatching/brooding capacity of 70 hen ‘standard’ sized eggs/chicks. (1 brooding box supplied)

Precise digital temperature control is a key feature of the Rcom Maru 100 Deluxe MAX hatcher/brooder. The Maru features a Swiss-made Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor for highly accurate temperature monitoring. Warm air is circulated throughout the internal chamber using a series of calibrated fans and air channels designed for maximum air-flow.

The Rcom Maru 100 Deluxe hatcher/brooder has an in-built water reservoir and humidification system, water is pumped into the machine via a small tube and then heated inside the machine by an antiblastic humidification method; discouraging and preventing antibacterial growth. The Rcom Maru also features a low-water alarm to alert the user to low water levels. Please note: the water container in the picture shown above is for illustration purposes only and is not included with the machine. You will need to add your own water container (a regular 2Ltr bottle is our recommended option).

Egg Capacity

In this hatcher brooder, the eggs are initially set at one level in one large brooding box(supplied). As standard Maru hatcher/brooders are supplied hatching trays and/or a brooding box.

Not sure what size incubator you want, or if you need a hatcher? See the comparison of the egg capacity of each Maru incubator and each Maru hatcher and see how you can hatch the most eggs.

Species Rcom Maru 380 Deluxe MAX 

(6 universal trays)

Rcom Maru 190 Deluxe MAX

(3 universal trays) 

Rcom Maru 100 Deluxe Max Hatcher/brooder 

(1 brooder box)

Rcom Maru 380 Deluxe MAX Hatcher/brooder

(6 hatching trays & 1 brooder box)

Quail 600 eggs / 6 trays  300 eggs / 3 trays  150 chicks / 1 brooder box 750 eggs / 6 trays – 50 chicks / 1 brooder box
Hen 216 eggs / 6 trays 108 eggs / 3 trays 70 chicks / 1 brooder box  288 eggs / 6 trays – 50 chicks / 1 brooder box
Duck 138 eggs / 6 trays 69 eggs / 3 trays 40 chicks / 1 brooder box 210 eggs / 6 trays – 40 chicks/ 1 brooder box
Goose 90 eggs / 6 trays 45 eggs / 3 trays 20 chicks / 1 brooder box  108 eggs / 6 trays – 20 chicks / brooder box


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