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Ocellated turkey for sale

The Ocellated Turkey is a large bird around 70-90 cm long and 3 kg (female) to 4 kg (male) weight. In the past, it has sometimes been treated in a genus of its own, as Agriocharis ocellata, but the differences between this species and Meleagris gallopavo are too small to justify generic segregation.


What does the Ocellated Turkey look like?

The male ocellated turkey has a bluish neck. Running across the back and on to the lower neck are glossy bronze or green feathers. They have whitish flight feathers. Their body ends with a broad tail that has blue and coppery patches.

On their head there are no feathers. The bare blue skin is visible. This is patterned with small, red warts known as nodules. Males typically have more of these warts. In the male a bright ring is present around the eye.

During the breeding season the males eye ring and warts becomes more prominent.

The female has a pinkish bill and overall duller plumage. Their eye is colored brown. The legs and feet are colored red. On the back of the males leg is a large spur.

An average male ocellated turkey will measure 102cm (40in) long compared to 84cm (33in) long for the females. Males weigh 5-6kg (11-13lbs) while females come in at 4kg (8.8lbs). They are at their heaviest in the breeding season.

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  1. John Smith (verified owner)

    Our bird’s vibrant personality lights up our days. It’s a true charmer.

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  2. Olivia Taylor (verified owner)

    Our bird’s vocalizations and songs are a source of endless fascination and delight.

    1 product
  3. Elena Petrova (verified owner)

    We adore our pet bird’s tiny, delicate feet and the way they hold our hearts.

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