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Mutation African grey parrot

The Mutation African Grey Parrot is one of the most popular pet birds with an amazing ability to talk. This fabulous bird is not only handsome, but is also an inquisitive, interactive and charming companion. Their personality and intuitive nature will amaze and delight you, and their antics will amuse you to no end. These are very intelligent social creatures, making them an excellent pet for a devoted parrot owner.
African Grey Parrots For Sale - Heaven Parrots Aviary

Very few of these naturally occurring African grey parrot mutations have been bred successfully in captivity. In captivity, mutation is the result from altering the genes to adjust the melanin level, and to add other colors.

Speech and Vocalizations African grey parrot

Pet African greys pick up on words and sounds very quickly.

African grey parrot can do it all: they make great pets, mimick human speech, and with the right training, can understand hundreds of words and phrases. Some say that the African grey parrot was kept as a pet for thousands of years—there are records of these birds as household pets in biblical times.

Greys like being handled, but are also perfectly content to just be around the family. They have natural wild instincts still intact so must have supervision and care taken when interacting with people. They can be likened to the intellect of a 5 year old, but the emotions of a two year old.

So they need strong socialization when young, and then ongoing training to be good members of your family.

African Grey parrot Training

African Greys have a habit of becoming very aggressive and sensitive birds, so it is important to train them correctly right from the beginning. African Greys can be fantastic companions. They are caring, loving, and they can become very attached. However, if not properly trained, they can be very nervous and may never want to leave their cage.

This Makes African Grey parrot a Good Family Pet

  • They are extremely smart (Even smarter than macaws as we show you here)
  • They live long lives
  • They love to be played with, trained, and spending time the family
  • They are very cute and speak really clearly
  • They love learning, and you can teach them how to dance


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