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Marmoset Monkeys Make Good Pets for homes.Marmoset monkeys are cute to the eye and are really adorable and docile in appearance. However, these little creatures are very easy to handle and are highly demanding pets. Pygmy marmosets are also known as finger monkeys (you can use the two names interchangeably) or pocket monkeys, and for good reason. They are the smallest species of monkey in the world – and one of the smallest primates extant today. Rather than climbing up your arm or your leg, a mere finger may suffice for a climbing frame.
South Korean authorities seize tiny marmosets from smuggler - San Diego Union-Tribune en Español
Finger Monkeys

What is the lifespan of a finger monkey, or pygmy marmoset? As is the case with almost all animals, domesticated or otherwise, finger monkeys tend to live quite a lot longer in captive environments. Pet pygmy marmosets usually live 15-20 years. Wild ones don’t live as long, because they are prey animals and because they fall from the trees!

The Life of a Finger Monkey(Marmoset Monkeys)

Finger monkeys are social creatures that, in the wild, live in small groups generally made up of an adult male, adult female, and their offspring. The groups range from as few as two to as many as nine or ten individuals. Females can give birth twice a year and normally produce twins each time, although single or triple births do occur. The males carry and care for the newborns for the first two weeks of life. While the species tends to be monogamous, groups may feature an additional male for assistance in newborn care. Juvenile finger monkeys also contribute to the care of babies.

In nature, finger monkeys average a 12-16-year lifespan. In captivity, that range spikes to 15-22 years. Research suggests as few as one-fourth of all babies born in the wild make it to maturity, with most succumbing to falls from trees or from the group member carrying them.

These tiny creatures have long, sharp nails that resemble claws more than the flat nails of other primates. These allow them to support themselves vertically on trees while using their long, narrow teeth to feed on sap. Finger monkeys also consume the resin, gum, and vines of trees. Small insects, butterflies, spiders, and fruit round out their diet.


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