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Major Mitchell cockatoo are beautiful salmon-pink, medium-sized cockatoos that are smart and social. These birds bond strongly with their keepers and have a reputation for being one-person birds.

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo can be kept as pets because of their ability to be tamed. They’re intelligent birds; And when appropriately tamed, they can quickly provide just as much affection than any other animal.
Biology and breeding of the Major Mitchell's Cockatoo. PART III - Parrots Daily News

Other reasons why they can be kept as pets is due to their friendly and affectionate nature, ability to understand commands and overall adaptable personalities.

There is no parrot that is as iconic as the beautiful, fun and loved Major Mitchell cockatoo. It is a unique bird with a lovely temperament and some of the most beautiful coloration in the parrot world. It’s also a unique cockatoo, with a great balance of traits and an acceptable level of noise, which isn’t always a common thing in their family.

Let’s introduce these widespread pet parrots and figure out just what makes them such a popular and loved pet.

Major Mitchell Cockatoo Colors and Markings

As previously stated, Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is a gorgeous salmon-pink bird. He features a multi-colored crest, and when his wings are spread, they have vivid pink and orange feathers that are white at the tips.

The females of the species usually have pinkish-red eyes, while the male’s eyes are brown. The males are usually brighter than their female counterparts also.

Major Mitchell Cockatoo Lifespan is Between 60 – 70 Years!

Did you know that a Major Mitchell Cockatoo lifespan is a minimum of 60 years! That’s not even triple the amount of time compared to common household pets, like cats or dogs. The average time a Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo can live between is typically 65 – 75 years.

Origin and History of Major Mitchell Cockatoo

The Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is native to inland Australia. These birds nest in pairs in woodlands and treeless areas, always near water. They can become nomadic during dry periods. They tend not to nest near other pairs, which means they require a large territory. However, they do often hang around galah cockatoos, another Australian native. The wild population of Major Mitchell’s cockatoos are dwindling due to human development of their native habitat.

Named for Major Sir Thomas Mitchell, an explorer and surveyor of Australia and admirer of the species, the Major Mitchell’s cockatoo’s scientific name leadbeateri commemorates ornithologist Benjamin Leadbeater. Leadbeater was a London-based natural history merchant who supplied specimens to the British Museum.


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