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100% Fertile Macaw Eggs

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131 reviews for 100% Fertile Macaw Eggs

  1. Charlie

    I got my order today. They were in excellent condition. Fast shipping.

  2. Aleah Neela

    Awesome Deal; Very Fast Shipping; Great Communication; Fantastic

  3. Sadie

    Carefully packed and fertile

  4. Delaney Severine

    Brilliant thank you

  5. Benno Carlos

    Amazing hatch rate and gorgeous chicks. Great variety of breeds and got both male and female from this set of eggs. Chicks are healthy and adorable. Thank you!!!

  6. Mia Emma

    As I watched the mailman deliver a box with just a few, barely visible fragile warnings stamped on the package I started to question the integrity of the eggs transported that way.But as I opened the box and discovered that all 50 eggs were intact I realized that these people knew what they were doing.The eggs are well packed,finally all hatches and yes I plan to order again in the future.

  7. Burke Hanish

    With a live purchase like this, I feel it is important to identify the supplier. I purchased from is a wonderful supplier of parrot eggs! I’m a teacher and hatch birds every year. This year we went with and it was a great choice. The eggs all came labeled so you knew exactly what was in each. The shipping was fast, which is hugely important with live eggs. There were even easy care directions for people new to hatching. Thanks for your great services….

  8. Radley

    We ordered 12 and all hatches, wished more would of hatched… but fast shipping, packaged really well, would buy again from them. The chicks are so cute and pretty colors 🙂

  9. Ada Evangeline

    We’re repeat customers and have have VERY pleased with each order. Packaging has been super as has been the speed of delivery. We’ll be back for more!

  10. Seraphina

    Got the eggss cause i always wonder if I could order eggs online.
    got them as a dream cause i wanted to try hatching a baby form eggs and finally did that.

  11. Christina

    Thanks for delivery my eggs in good condition.
    They eggs hatch the babies and I am very happy,will order more next month.

  12. Samatha Benedicta

    Great services.
    Will always order from you guys.

  13. Muhamad Mamadou Musa

    Thumps up
    Muhamad from UAE

  14. Martin Bell

    My first order was great

  15. Viola Williams

    Fast delivery
    thanks for your great services

  16. Gerald Anderson

    Hello I bought 25 eggs on June 5,was really happy all the eggs hatch
    Really wish to order more in November
    Hope I will have a great discount this time
    Thanks Gerald Anderson

  17. Merlin

    Great product revived 15 eggs instead of 12 but one got broken in shipping so I contacted the seller they replace the eggs immediately.
    Will always order from you guys.

  18. Nadia Maccon

    Received my shipment before expected date.
    Great services

    • Melvis


  19. Ben Kumbet

    Hello,my eggs have all hatch and the babies very cute.
    Please kindly recommend us where to buy the food!

  20. Newt Henrik

    I received these eggs two days earlier than estimated time. Eggs looked great.

  21. Anamo Dorina

    The babies are all grown up now.
    Wish to order a cage

  22. IlariaRebekah

    Eggs arrived quickly and in good condition. Excellent packing job! Great Seller!

  23. Rosaline

    Packaged wonderfully! Extras too!! Hoping for a great hatch!! Thank you!

  24. Mikayla Yvaine

    Good hatch rate, and was shipped extra eggs. Eggs were securely shipped. Some eggs were dirty, I didn’t wash them but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

  25. putra tri

    hello, how method of payment?

  26. tri p


  27. Callista

    Eggs arrived non was broken. Every egg was labeled and packed nicely. Instructions for eggs were very easy to understand!

  28. Lawrence

    Excellent packaging, all eggs arrived intact. Thanks!!

  29. Teresa

    Great communication. A pleasure to do business with. ~parrots-fertileeggs kft

  30. Juan

    Very well packed

  31. Renee slander

    This was the first time I ever hatched parrots eggs. I bought them in December. They came when it was 8 degrees and were in the porch when I got home. I was sure that none of them would hatch. Non were broken. I followed the enclosed instructions with how to hatch the eggs. I am so excited because we now have six baby chicks and are still waiting on remaining one to hatch. Thank you so much for the care that you put into shipping the eggs. It has been really fun to have something to care for during the winter.

  32. Eugene

    Received the eggs in perfect condition. Placed them in a temperature controlled, automatic turner, incubator. They hatched exactly at 24 days. Couldn’t ask for anything more. The chicks are amazing to watch.

  33. julie slayton

    8 out of 8 eggs hatched, 8 survived. Awesome hatch rate, chicks are healthy and adorable! Very happy!

  34. Ashley Brown

    Well packed, shipped promptly.

  35. Jessie Christensen

    Very well packed for shipping and a nice variation of types of eggs received. Highly recommended.

  36. Harper Sebastian

    Had an amazing experience! It was my first time doing this in my classroom and we had 8 eggs hatch! Chicks are doing amazing!!! Will definitely do this again!!!

  37. shawn sullivan

    Definitely best packaged eggs I’ve ever bought none were even scratched!

  38. Monica stclair

    Shipping was quick. None cracked shipped protectively.

  39. Kerri Mahoney

    It is my first experience with parrot eggs and so far I’m really happy. I ordered 10 and received, 1 was cracked upon arrival, which is unfortunate since they were very securely packaged. After 18 days in the incubator, 9 of the remaining eggs hatched. Thanks for parrots fertile eggs kft since they replace the broken eggs 5 days later.

  40. Evelyn Harper

    perfect packaging, arrived safe & sound. Best packaging I’ve ever seen. I get 100% hatching rate which is very good.Happily raising my babies now

  41. Heinz Dagobert

    Just Received my eggs and was well packed.
    Thanks for the great services

    Heinz from Germany

  42. Debi

    I was worried they’d be cracked when I received them, but they were perfect!

  43. Remco Dennis

    So far so good. I hatched my first batch of parrot eggs.It was my first experience to hatch bird eggs and i was 100% satisfied.My order came along with a hatching guide that i used. The steps was very easy to follow.I order 4 eggs and all hatches. Thanks for your great service Parrot-Fertile Eggs Kft.

  44. Beatrice Gonzalez

    Good services and fast delivery

  45. Abel

    Bought 2 eggs and all hatches,am very greatful with the purchase

  46. Gerlinde C.

    8 out of 8 eggs hatched, 7 survived. Awesome hatch rate, chicks are healthy and adorable! was greatful when seller replace the dead baby bird with an egg.Highly recommended.Very happy!

  47. Rebecca

    Very well packed for shipping and a nice variation of types of eggs received. Highly recommended.

  48. Nancy Essex

    I was worried they’d be cracked when I received them, but they were perfect! I bought 2 sets, so 18 altogether, and 18 hatched!! I will purchase again during spring when my kindergarten is ready to incubate again!

  49. J. Wells

    Package arrived quickly. Eggs are large, clean, and seem high quality. Im happy with the buy. Hatch was today, all eggs hatched. Great!!!

  50. Bookchick98

    This seller knows how to package her eggs for shipment!
    Very impressed.

  51. Jessie Christensen

    The eggs arrived safely in great protective packaging

  52. Ben Steven

    I was sent 7 eggs, all were intact on arrival. I have a lot of experience in this area. Of the 7 eggs sent all hatch and the babies are very cute. great buy

  53. Mamadou Ali Ali

    Arrived one day ahead of schedule. Very nicely packaged! Put them under a hen.Had four hatch and are growing nicely. Was very impressed!

  54. Brian R

    We purchased one dozen eggs. Packaged arrived with 12 eggs. All intact – none cracked or broken. We put them under the hen the evening they arrived. 4 chicks hatched on day 20 and 8 chicks hatched on day 21.

  55. Kimberli Lengning

    fast shipping, packaged really well, would buy again from them

  56. Mateo

    Great buy, all arrived within two days.all eggs were in good shape, all hatched

  57. martin buckman

    Egg’s were packed in excellent condition! Would buy again!Was so much fun!

  58. Oliver

    All arrived in good condition. Three of three hatched. Very fun process and the chicks are super cute!

  59. Evelyn mila

    Great packing only one egg was broken and was replace by the seller

  60. kimberlin diana

    I ordered a variety dozen eggs, 16 eggs arrived and all were intact. I followed directions and placed them into the incubator. 21 days later 10 of the eggs hatched. On day 22, early in the morning the remaining eggs hatches. It was a great experience. Buy from them you will end up very happy happy happy.

  61. Dave Johnson

    Oh Gorgeous and great experience. No eggs was broken, it perfectly labels which kinds of eggs you get this is like a dream come true! I can’t wait for them to hatch I ordered 24 so hopefully all will hatch I got SO MANY different types I definitely recommend this seller

  62. Zoey Camila

    Ordered these for my Kindergarten classroom. The students loved watching the eggs hatch. Good hatch rate. Great customer service! Will buy again.

  63. Sharon Hughes

    Arrived really fast I want to say 2 days

  64. Betzalel

    The eggs arrived safely in great protective packaging

  65. M. Wells

    Well I was skeptical but we had a hen that desperately wanted to sit on eggs and we have no rooster. We stuck the seven eggs we purchased under her and 7 of them hatched. The hen is happy, the chicks are happy and my kids are happy – thus five stars.

  66. Kirsten Bayer

    I’m really pleased and would order again.

  67. Niels Schuyler

    Shipping was prompt

  68. benedicta

    Good hatch rate,Eggs were securely shipped.

  69. Jay

    I have hatched several batches with a great variety of different looking chicks. Eggs arrived quickly and in great condition. I will definetly order again

  70. pedro sanchez


  71. Dr Diaz Steven

    Package arrived quickly. Eggs are large, clean, and seem high quality. Im happy with the buy. Hatch was today, all eggs hatched. Great!!!

  72. krisztina

    köszönöm a szállítást

  73. Orillo Mark

    Thanks for your services

  74. David andeloke

    Will properly order again next month.

  75. Onella belida

    Order 4 eggs all arrive in tact.great service and fast delivery.

  76. andriana onella

    Fast shipping just 2 days

  77. Amanda Irene

    It was really a great experience to do business with your company.Before I didn’t believe i can import fertile eggs from another country.But you guys makes me to believe it. I received my eggs and place in the incubator as instructed on the guide you guys send to me and all the eggs hatches. Just wish to say the process is very easy and fun.Will always order form your company. Appreciate your assistance.

  78. Patricia Anke

    I was worried they’d be cracked when I received them, but they were perfect

  79. Samy D.

    Just Received my order and in perfect condition.

  80. Emma Samantha

    Well Packed; no breakage. Will order again soon

  81. Kimberly

    Awesome hatch rate

  82. Margaret

    Well packed, shipped promptly.

  83. Stephanie

    They were exactly as advertised.Received my order in 2 days

  84. Larry Scott

    5.0 out of 5 stars.They also have excellent customer service

  85. Carolyn

    5.0 out of 5 stars. Really safe shipping/ really good Hatch rate

  86. Steven

    Hello this is steven.We order some eggs from you last month and wish to inform you that we have a very successful hatch rates.Highly recommended company for parrot eggs.

  87. Nicholas KD

    As I watched the mailman deliver a box with just a few, barely visible fragile warnings stamped on the package I started to question the integrity of the eggs transported that way.But as I opened the box and discovered that all 20 eggs were intact I realized that these people knew what they were doing.The eggs hatch rate very good and yes I plan to order again in the future.

  88. Samantha Nicole

    A++++ Awesome shipping and great hatch!

  89. Amah Vincent

    Nice looking eggs sent extra only 1 was broken but was replace ones i send the photo to parrots Fertile eggs KFT thx

  90. Victor Membon

    Happy New year Wish to inform you that all my eggs have hatch.appreciate your services.

  91. Willie Bruce

    Fast shipping A+++ service, thanks

  92. Alexander

    arrived ahead of time! thanks!

  93. Grace AD

    Thanks extremely fast shipping all arrived unbroken

  94. Virginia Debra

    All eggs arrived in tack phonomenal packing. Looking forward to getting more

  95. Theresa Beverly

    99.999% Hatch rate !! AWESOME..Fast & Safe shipping !!!!

  96. Logan Eugene

    Absolutely fantastic company to deal with. Comunicaton excellent. Fast . Thanks

  97. Cheryl Megan

    Good packaging thx.

  98. Patricia

    Very Fast Shipping thanks

  99. Raymond Scott

    Thanks! Awesome services

  100. Mary Ann

    On time delivery

  101. Anthony JB

    My order arrived intact.
    Great service

  102. Gustav hector

    Quality product fast shipping great transaction

  103. Grace andy

    My order is well received thanks

  104. Cole Haan

    Perfect, lightning fast shipping👍

  105. patrick tony

    The best shop to order for parrot eggs

  106. Doc Dr Martens

    Eggs arrived early and packaged very well. Thank you!!

  107. Jurgen Hermann


  108. Jasper Levi

    Gorgeous boots!!Thank you so much.


    Good purchase!! DHL was delayed but seller was fantastic. Would purchase again.

  110. Vintage Cathrineholm

    excellent packaging, prompt shipping, great seller


    Seller shipped out immediately and the item is just as described. Great seller.

  112. Lew’s Mach

    Great price! Thanks for the speedy delivery!

  113. Aquatalia Metallic

    Very good communication, fast service and fast shipping. A+++++++++

  114. Nathaniel

    I have received the item. Thank you for the smooth transaction.

  115. Bruce Willie

    My eggs arrived fast and safe! Now I have 11 out of 12 due to hatch in 5 days!

  116. Theresa Amber

    eggs came in a day early and in excellent condition with a surprise

  117. Isabella

    I am very happy with my purchase! I got some very cute chicks!

  118. Philip

    The seller is very kind and informative. I am very happy with my purchase!

  119. Jacqueline Ann

    Quick shipping; zero broken!! Great communication! 100% recommend!

  120. Madison Joe

    All eggs arrived unbroken. Excellent packing job. Quicker shipping than expected

  121. Abigail morine

    Arrived quickly, exceptionally well packaged & all eggs in perfect condition.

  122. Christine F

    Extremely kind seller! Eggs were shipped great, I had an awesome hatch rate!!

  123. Ronald Jason

    Quick shipping & absolutely PERFECT packaging – Not one crack!

  124. Rachel chem

    Super fast shipping and great communication! Included an extra egg.

  125. Helen

    Well packed, with no overly-loose air cells. Hoping for a good hatch. Thanks!

  126. Brandon Scott

    Packing was amazing. Not one broken egg. And extras too. She’s amazing thanks!

  127. Adam Douglas

    Well packed and protected, all arrived in excellent shape. Thank you.

  128. Margaret

    All arrived safe with extras. Great packaging & labeling! I would buy again!

  129. Kathleen Amy

    Very happy with this seller received eggs very quickly

  130. Vincent Bobby

    2nd purchase! Extremely fast shipping! Amazing hatch rate! Thank you!! ++++

  131. Eugene Roy

    Great seller. Packs eggs well. My incubated eggs are now hatching. So adorable

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