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Macaque monkey offer a dose of cuteness that makes it hard for anyone to resist. Their small size, adorable face, and lovable ways often make people want to bring them home to keep as pets.

Are Macaque monkey affectionate?
The macaque is one of the most affectionate monkeys on the planet; individuals maintain relationships by grooming one another, they communicate with grunts.
Are macaques intelligent?
Among non-human primates and along with great apes, baboons and capuchins, macaques possess an enhanced general intelligence compared with other mammals.

Characteristics of the Macaque Monkey

Macaque monkey are similar to other species in appearance. Like most monkeys, the Macaques have long legs and arms. When it comes to their tails, the Macaques can have varying lengths depending on their species with some having no tail at all. Black or brown fur is the prominent coloration of these small monkeys. Their small size is one of the main reasons enthusiasts hope to bring them into their homes to keep as pets.

Housing Macaques

Macaques need a large, secure cage. This way they don’t get lost in your house or run outside and climb poles and other fixtures.

While Macaques are smaller, they still require extremely large enclosures, at least 30 feet square. The best housing designs provide sufficient space and complexity to allow your pet monkey to engage in a normal range of social and non-social behaviors for adequate portions of their day.


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