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Lovebird make a good pet bird even for beginners due to their affectionate, social, intelligent, and gentle nature.

These birds are cuddly and affectionate with their own kind which is why they’re called lovebirds. However, they can be cuddly with humans too when hand-raised and given plenty of socialization time.
Rosy- Faced Love Birds - YouTube

Common Names: Fischer’s lovebirds, black-masked lovebirds, yellow-collared lovebirds, peach-faced lovebird

Scientific Name: Agapornis fischeri, Agapornis personata, Agapornis roseicollis

Adult Size: 5 to 6 inches

Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years, potentially more with great care

They might be one of the smaller parrot species available as a companion pet, but this bird is inquisitive and seemingly always on the go. As their name suggests, lovebird are known for the loving, attentive bond they tend to form with their mates.
They are a favorite among pet birds, often called “pocket parrots,” and are among the most colorful pet birds you’ll find.

Care & Feeding

Like most birds, They love to exercise and require the largest cage that your budget and space can afford. Lovebirds that are cooped up in a small cage and never given any freedom tend to become neurotic and can develop self-mutilating habits.

Toys are a must for these active parrots. Keep in mind that lovebirds are strong chewers, so choose toys that can stand up to chewing without causing a hazard. With proper care and a well-balanced diet, a they can live between 12 and 15 or more years.


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