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Kinkajou monkey as pets for your beautiful home

Buy Kinkajou monkey as pet 4 your cute home.Kinkajou is a small, golden brown, tree-dwelling monkey which is generally friendly,playful with other pets & human.But, while a kinkajou can make a unique pet for the right person, these monkey likes attention.

These animals bond strongly to one particular person but generally accept other humans without issue if properly introduced and they are involved in feeding, cleaning, and socializing. Due to their strong bond, kinks make an excellent pet.
Kinkajou" For Sale in Texas (53) | Petzlover

Common Names: Kinkajou, honey bear

Scientific Name: Potos flavus

Adult Size: 31 to 44 inches from head to tail; up to 10 pounds

Lifespan: 20 to 25 years in captivity

As pets, kinkajou generally are active and curious, and they like to get into things, requiring a lot of effort to keep them entertained.They like to toss their food around, and house-training them isn’t typically successful. Instead, they often pick a few places around the house to use as their bathroom, so you might be able to put a pan or paper in those spots to collect the waste.

A kinkajou needs a fairly large cage of at least 4 by 8 by 6 feet. Some owners use an entire room of a home as their habitat, or an outdoor enclosure if you live in a warm climate. They naturally live in trees, so providing them with plenty of items to climb and hang from will be appreciated.

Kinkajous as pets: realistic expectations about good and bad behavior

Owners of kinkajou who enjoy them will talk about how friendly and outgoing they are. They do enjoy being with people, but because you need to contain them in a cage or room when you’re not able to supervise them, you will need to commit to spending a good two to three hours a day at least with them.

A kinkajou weighs about as much as the average house cat (10 pounds), but it can be quite a bit longer because of its tail, which can reach up to 2 feet long. Kinkajous use their long tails to help them climb trees, and they wrap their tails around branches for stability while they eat and sleep.


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