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Buy fertile Hornbill Eggs eggs for hatching with incubator.

All the hornbill species have a large bill that is like no other. What amazes me is how such a large bill can be used in such a delicate manner, from picking up tiny morsels to selecting fruits off trees.

Incubation period varies among hornbill species. For small hornbills, incubation is 25 days but may take up to 150 days for larger species. For example, the wreathed hornbill incubates its eggs for 40 days, rhinoceros hornbill 37-46 days, and the helmeted hornbill takes the longest with 150 days.

Saving the hornbill with crowdsourced data

What is the lifespan of a hornbill?
The size of the casque may be important in female selection of a mate. Great hornbills can live 50 years under human care but average 35-40 years in the wild.

During incubation, the female hornbill seals herself inside the tree cavity. Its entrance is sealed by a plaster of dirt, mud, bits of food and droppings to protect her egg from predators and threats from outside of the nest. Only a small slit remains to allow her mate or other group members to pass through food and discard droppings.

Baby Southern Ground Hornbills at Busch Gardens Tampa - YouTube

The female then sheds its feathers to incubate the eggs. A number of hornbill species molts at the start of the incubation process, and these feathers will regrow when the female leaves the nest.

These birds hide their new chicks in mud nest, say zookeepers | WBFF

Hornbill - ZooBorns

Great Hornbill: Changing Habits And Habitats | Nature inFocus

Male Oriental Pied Hornbill brought an egg for the breeding female – Bird  Ecology Study Group



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