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Handfed hawk headed parrots are outgoing, playful, active, mischievous, excitable and occasionally high strung. They can be compared to the conure, which are similarly outgoing and playful, or to the amazon — but less “bity” and temperamental. Hawk-headed parrots make excellent pets.

These famous parrots are really unique looking, with many distinguishing traits. One of these is their famous imposing red crest, which they can raise and spread out above their head when excited or angry. This gives them another nickname – the Red Fan Parrot.

They are slender and light birds, but still large enough, reaching a length of circa 14 inches (35 centimeters). Even with the abundance of details in their appearance, there is no way to differentiate males from females – they are identical.

Speech and Sounds

The usual sounds that most parrots will pick up are a trait of Hawk-Headed Parrots as well. When playing by themselves, they are usually quiet, with occasional whispers and soft sounds that mimic human speech. But given their grumpiness and a tendency to exert their will, they will get loud and noisy when their wishes are not granted. High pitched caws, piercing whistles and screams are plenty when a Hawk-Headed Parrot gets angry.



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