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Golden Conure (Queen of Bavaria Conure)

Golden conure are affectionate, beautiful, and intelligent, making them excellent pets. Stunning in their brilliant yellow color, the golden conure (or Queen of Bavaria conure) is, without a doubt, a beautiful bird. They can also make a very nice and affectionate companion pet that is spunky, smart, and entertaining, though they are rare and expensive. One thing is for sure—these are very special parrots that seem to steal the hearts of every bird owner they meet.

As pets

With their entertaining and engaging behavior, are widely known for making good pets.
They are highly intelligent and need plenty of mental stimulation in order to prevent boredom and destructive behavior patterns from setting in. In this regard, it’s slightly more sensitive than many other parrots.

COMMON NAMES: Golden conure, Queen of Bavaria conure, golden parakeet, golden parrot, yellow conure

SCIENTIFIC NAMEGuaruba guarouba, formerly Aratinga guarouba

ADULT SIZE: A large conure, it can reach a length of around 14 inches, weighing about 8 ounces

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 20 to 30 years

Golden Conure Colors and Markings

They are often mistaken for macaws because of their larger head and beak. The tell-tale difference is that the conure’s tail is much shorter than what you’ll find on macaws.

Mature golden conures are a bright yellow color all over their bodies. The only exception is the tips of the flight feathers, which are dark green in color. They have a bald ring around their eyes, horn-colored beaks, and pink legs and feet. Juvenile golden conures can be identified by green speckles in the yellow plumage of the body.


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