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Chui-chui, a breed of domestic flying fox, originated from Japan, now exist everywhere as very popular domesticated pets.

Domestic flying foxes are a species of domesticated bat that are probably descended from an extinct prehistoric flying fox, silicon flying foxes (which were probably named due to its coloration of its fur), which lived during the Middle to Late Pleistocene period.
Loved James The Black Flying Fox Bat Before You'll Love Him Even More - YouTube
Silicon flying foxes were a perfect candidate for domestication by Protomen because of their diet (unlike most other flying fox species, silicon flying foxes were omnivores instead of herbivires) and their great intelligence (being almost as smart as a parrot, although they could not talk), so they were domesticated as a result. Domestic flying foxes come in more than 1,700 breeds, ranging from about the size of a sparrow to the size of the largest flying fox species.

The diet of a bat. Different species of bats feed on different types of food. The bat’s age also influences what they eat. Here are some foods bats like to eat:
Baby Bat Orphans – Cute or Not?

  • Milk: All bats feed on milk for the first six months of life.
  • Fruits: Some species of bats eat fruits. They are usually attracted to the smell of ripe fruits.
  • Insects: The largest proportion of bats (about 70%) eat insects. Some of the insects include mosquitos, cockroaches, flies, and beetles.
  • Blood: Only some bat species from Mexico and South America are known to feed on blood from mammals and birds.
  • Nectar: Bats that eat nectar have a long snout and tongue for feeding. They resemble hummingbirds.
  • Fish and other animals: Some bat species are known to eat fish, frogs, birds, lizards, and some rodents. Other bats may even feed on other bats.

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  1. Ismail Mohammed (verified owner)

    Our bird’s adaptability to our family and lifestyle is truly remarkable.

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  2. Yuri Ivanov (verified owner)

    Our bird’s ability to mimic sounds and words is both impressive and adorable.

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  3. André Moreau (verified owner)

    Our bird’s adaptability and intelligence continue

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