• The egg hatcher for poultry hatching, built-in fan, low noise, fan-assisted airflow/circulating air, uniform heating of fertilized eggs. Egg Candler Tester, High intensity egg candling lamp for monitoring egg development.
  • Triocottage incubator for chicken eggs with automatic turner, turning eggs every two hours, You can also start turner at any time. NOTE: The speed of rotation is so slow that it is hard to see with the naked eye.
  • Mini eggs incubators can hatch 16 chicken eggs and has 1 sinks for good humidity adjustment. Add half a bottle of water to each well. Usually once every 2-3 days.
  • Egg incubation box with a “warm jacket” saves energy and maintains temperature balance, so normal hatching in lower temperature environments.
  • Clear digital display accurate electronic temperature control easy to use and observe,It also has the advantage of small size, you can place it as you like.
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Safego Egg Automatic Incubator for Hatching Eggs, Digital Mini Incubator with Automatic Turner and Egg Candler Tester.

automatic egg incubator


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