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The Eclectus parrot with Charming, eye-catching, and intelligent, eclectus parrot are captivating birds that make impressive pets. Their beautiful colors, talking ability, and lovable personalities have established this bird as one of the most popular pet parrots. This bird is one of the larger parrot species, and it does require the right owner.

Their feathers have a fur-like appearance and their colors are bright red for females, and bright green with a ‘candy corn’ colored beak for males. Aside from their mesmerizing appearance, these parrots can also be great companions.

Species Overview

Common Names: Eclectus parrot, Solomon Island eclectus parrot, Grand eclectus parrot, yellow-sided eclectus parrot, Vosmaeri eclectus parrot, blue-bellied eclectus parrot, red-sided eclectus parrot, dusky eclectus parrot

Scientific Name: Eclectus roratus

Adult Size: 17 and 20 inches, weighing 13 to 18 ounces

Life Expectancy: 30 to 50 years

The eclectus is a very friendly and intelligent bird species described as gentle, tranquil, and caring. Eclectus parrots are also affectionate. Most thrive best when socialization is part of their daily routine.1 They cherish the time they spend interacting with their families. They are also sensitive and can quickly become friendly with other pets.

This bird will learn the routine and what to expect in your household. They enjoy the comings and goings, as well as being a part of it.

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  1. Ahmed Abdi (verified owner)

    Our bird’s affection knows no bounds. It’s an endless source of love.

    1 product
  2. Emma Bianchi (verified owner)

    Our pet bird’s cleverness and problem-solving skills are truly impressive.

    1 product
  3. Felipe Ruiz (verified owner)

    Our pet bird is a true companion. It’s always there, ready for a chat or some playtime.

    1 product
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