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The Buddy Mk2 Digital Egg Monitor offers a truly unique way of checking your eggs for fertility. This version of the Buddy Heart Monitor is suitable for most egg types including thicker shelled species such as Hawks and Parrots.

The 3 LED’s attached to sensor pad enable faster detection of the embryos heart rate and because no heat radiation is present this prevents any damage to the developing chicks chicks contained within.

Used by professional Breeders worldwide including Zoo’s and Specialist Bird Sanctuary’s the Digital Egg Monitor is so easy to use. 

So how does it work ?   

Simply place your egg in the egg compartment, close the lid and press the on button, on-board information will then instantly be displayed via the digital display. 

The egg buddy is so sensitive that you will be able to tell if your eggs are fertile at around 7  to 8 days. A flashing heart, pulse readout and the three digit heart rate will then enable you to understand exactly what is happening within your egg. The egg buddy will even detect when the chick is moving. Sadly a black still heart, flat pulse line and zero heart rate will indicate that the chick had died.

All of our Buddy Mk2 Digital heart monitors are supplied as standard with an additional mains transformer for longer usage, but you can also use the Buddy away from your avairy or incubator by inserting the 9v battery supplied. 


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