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Cockatoo Eggs

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Cockatoo Eggs

Added Advantage to Beginners;

We will ship your order long with a hatching guide.That will assist you through out the process of Hatching,Feeding and Raising the Babies.  

A clutch of twelve eggs, for example would take the hen 15 days to lay. Cockatoo chicks begin hatching after a 21-day period. Accordingly, one egg will hatch every other day, each one taking 21 days from the beginning of its incubation. Both parents remove eggshell bits and clean the hatch-lings.
What temperature should parrot eggs be incubated at?
Incubate the eggs in an incubator designed for parrot or exotic bird eggs. The incubator you use should have accurate temperature control within one-tenth of one degree, and ideally a system for humidity control. Maintain the temperature at 99.3 degrees F, and the humidity at 40 to 50 percent.
How long does it take for a parrot egg to hatch?

Incubation Duration. Parrot egg incubation periods can vary by breed but are typically between 24-28 days. Some parrot breeds can hatch in as little as 18 days. Research your specific breed to find out how long your egg will need to be incubated.


74 reviews for Cockatoo Eggs

  1. Ava Wyatt

    We’ve been buying fertile bird eggs for years and always be very please with the fertility and hatching of the eggs. They also have excellent customer service.

  2. Aahil Santino

    The eggs came when expected, and had great instructions and information. We had 100% of the eggs hatch.

  3. Evelyn

    love it,thanks for delivery

  4. Penelope

    Very satisfied. Product arrived in perfect conditions

  5. Logan Benjamin

    They were exactly as advertised: the eggs were fresh and fertile

  6. Leni

    Well packed, fast shipped, Thank You!! A+++++

  7. Remi

    Thank you for all your help, I learned a lot. I will order again.

  8. Benis Samantha

    Thanks for the fast and save delivery.
    I just received my eggs and now I put in the incubator 👍

  9. John marc

    All eggs where fertile thanks

  10. Irie

    Patient seller. Fast shipping !thanks

  11. Mcjohn

    Hey,its Mcjohn form Singapore
    Wish to thank you guys for my first order.package well received.

  12. Aliyah

    It came on time and the seller gave me very good instructions how to do it. It was very useful. I recommend to buy her eggs

  13. Stefan

    Would deal with seller again..everything positive!

  14. Aurelio

    Very well packaged, only one out of 14 had a crack in it, and it was almost unnoticeable.

  15. Naia Addison

    Excellent to deal with, fast shipping, excellent packaging. Very professional.

  16. Katherine

    Perfect little eggs. I have hatches GORGEOUS babies from this seller in the past

  17. Gregory

    Fast and great boxing. Very generous. Thank you!

  18. Deissy

    Shipping took 3 days very fast. When they arrived they were well packaged. I purchased 12 eggs of different species. I am very happy to say all the eggs hatches and that was my first experience.Thanks for the hatching guide provided along with my order,it was very easy to use and the instructions are straight to the point. Over all I’m very happy with the hatch rate and over all experience.

  19. Ernest

    Well hatched, and shipped promptly.

  20. Jimmie Mills

    This is the second order I’ve purchased.The hatch rate is excellent.

  21. Glenis A.

    Fine Seller and gentleman…many thanks! Super fast and accurate shipping.The eggs arrived with Great packaging no damage. Thanks

  22. Matilde

    The eggs came when expected, and had great instructions and information. We had 100% of the eggs hatch.

  23. Cany Brown

    Well packed, shipped promptly. 8 of 8 hatched. seller labeled the eggs it was very easy to identify, otherwise I was very happy.

  24. Devlin Karl

    Thank you for all your help, I learned a lot. I will order again.

  25. Allison

    I purchased two dozen eggs. 24 fertilized. I hatched 24 chicks that were healthy and different types. My students loved them!

  26. Jason Max

    Fantastic hatch rate. I had a better hatch rate with these guys than I did with my chick eggs that were hand delivered.

  27. Monica stclair

    Very good happy with purchase. 8 cockatoo hatched

  28. Taryn brazeman

    We had 5 hatch. This what such a great experience. The babies were all perfect and healthy. I would definitely buy from here again!

  29. Jaxon Gabriel

    The eggs came very nicely. I would rate this order a 9!😊 Thank you

  30. Hannah

    These eggs were perfectly packaged and were delivered in great condition. The eggs arrive on time and i was very busy and i put the eggs 2 days after delivery and yet still had an excellent hatch rate. The chicks are doing well three weeks later. I highly recommend these eggs!

  31. Jack

    we bought two dozen they arrived in a timely manner all the eggs were good we are very happy

  32. casemero nanade

    I’ll be ordering every year from here. I had 12/12 hatch. I’ve never hatched that many before

  33. Charlotte Aneil

    Really like how my babies umbrella cockatoos are growing up.Very cute.
    I just follow the instructions on the guide you guys send to me and the hatching and feeding process is very easy than what I thought.
    Ones more thanks very much for your help and assistant.

  34. Syvester MJ

    Highly recommended.

  35. Lori Kayla

    Would definitely purchase again!!

  36. Rachele

    4.0 out of 5 stars. Great shipping and most fertile

  37. Diana

    Very satisfied.

  38. Diosdado Marin

    The Eggs came fully intact and well packed. We now have 7 baby chicks!

  39. Alexis

    Definitely buy from this seller!

  40. Hammett Kolman

    The eggs were beautiful although 3 were cracked on delivery.But seller replace the eggs for us.thanks

  41. Danielle

    Great packaging,all eggs arrived safely and on time

  42. Jacob Mora

    Great service, good eggs, hatched no problems

  43. Vincent Oben

    Shipping took 3 days. When they arrived they were well packaged.

  44. Douglas

    Thank you. Eggs came in great shape. A+

  45. Sara Bird seller

    Just like it was advertised

  46. Marilyn

    A++ Great to buy from. Very fast shipping. A++

  47. Heather Janet

    Outstanding seller!

  48. Peter Zachary

    Great packaging, arrived safe and sound! Thank you for everything! 🙂

  49. Jesse J

    Super happy with definitely going to order again

  50. Harold bird shop

    17 hatched all my babies are healthy and thriving. No deaths

  51. Rose Abigail

    Eggs packed well, all arrived intact and very clean. Good seller.

  52. Gloria amasad

    Amazing service will be a repeat customer!

  53. Alan Ralph

    The packaging was amazing, I got 51 eggs instead of 50 eggs. Thanks


    A+ thank you!!

  55. Wildfox Swim Scuba

    Best Price available out there!! Amazing thoughtful seller! A+

  56. Rose Comb Ancona

    Nice!, As described, recommended


    excellent packaging, prompt shipping, great seller

  58. Ibrahim muhan

    What a great business relationship with

  59. Caleb Benito

    These are excellent eggs and the seller is excellent!

  60. Alberta Saskatchewan

    Awesome seller! A+

  61. Garcia Mitchell

    I will definitely order from you again! ❤ Thank you!

  62. Etienne Ferdinand

    Exactly as described, thank you

  63. BnM Fishing

    A+ seller fast shipping great package to no damage

  64. colemann jurgen

    arrived exactly

  65. Douglas nathan

    Exactly as described, and quick shipping!

  66. Jacqueline kim

    Very prompt and professional seller. Highly recommended. Many thanks !!!

  67. Christopher j

    Excellent packing and wish to make more deals in future

  68. Brandon Sam

    Works great and I’m super happy with it.

  69. Evelyn Sophia

    Just as described, speedy shipping A+++

  70. Sean Arthur

    Very pleased with product and delivery time

  71. Charlotte mi

    Awesome! Fast shipping, thank you!! 😊😊

  72. Melissa lissa

    Alles Super, Vielen Dank !

  73. Mason hime

    Fast shipping, great size, excellent value, better than expected, and the best!

  74. Madison Julia

    Swiftly arrived in great condition! Superb packing. Beautiful items! A+++ seller

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