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Solomon Island Eclectus parrots are beautiful birds. The male is a brilliant green, and the female is a brilliant red with blue on the front. The male has a “candy corn” beak. It is unusual for the male and female of a species to be totally different colors, but whether male or female, the Solomon Island Eclectus are awesome birds.Their lifespan is 20-30 years in captivity and 50-75 years in the wild.

Female Solomon Eclectus Parrot For Sale – Macaw Parrot Eggs For SaleThe female Solomon Island eclectus is brilliant red and looks like a small version of the red-sided eclectus. The head is red, and at the base of the neck where chest feathers begin and on the back, a blue band cuts across almost like a collar.

The under-tail coverts are red and the tail is red. Like the red-sided, the Solomon Island hen has distinct blue eye rings. She has a black lower mandible, or beak, and the upper mandible is black.

Lovely Eclectus Parrot For Sale 1| Kol Parrots Farm
The male Solomon Island eclectusis a brilliant forest green. He has brilliant red patches on the sides and under wing coverts, blue bend to the wing and dark blue flight feathers. Males of the different subspecies are very difficult to identify visually but Solomon’s are usually significantly smaller.

The Eclectus parrots are some of the most awe-inspiring parrots today. After all, it’s not every day you see such vivid and exotic colors on a bird! One of the most prominent breeds in this species is the Solomon Island parrot.

These vibrant and friendly parrots make great pets, as their beautiful looks are complemented by an even lovelier character. Highly popular in aviculture, Solomon Island Parrot quickly rose to be one of the world’s most popular and recognizable pet parrots.

Eclectus will often appear stoic but are interested in activities around them. They should always be provided with toys, especially wooden blocks or other toys that can be chewed, and branches from non-toxic trees.

In order to ensure safety, companion eclectus should not be allowed unsupervised freedom in the home as they often encounter toxins or dangerous items.

Eclectus parrots are on the middle ground when it comes to noise. Due to its docile personality, Solomon Island parrot might be quiet at times, but when the loud and piercing natural call comes into play, you will surely take notice.

Even though this is tolerable and not too obtrusive, you should still consider this fact if you live in an apartment. Solomon Island parrots is not a born talker, but with a bit of patient training they will pick up a few words to repeat. They can also become good mimics, with common sounds being their favorite repertoire.

Feeding of Eclectus parrot

Eclectus do well when provided with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Their diet should be comprised of 75 to 80 percent fruits and vegetables and 20 to 25 percent pellets. Treats may be given in small amounts especially as rewards for good behavior. Fresh clean water must be provided every day. Vitamin supplements are not needed for birds that are eating a formulated and nutritionally rich diet.

They are also native to Bougainville, New Britain, New Ireland, the Admiralty Islands and throughout the Bismark Archipelago.

Due to some variation in size, suggestions have been made that some of them should be separated into different species of eclectus; but this requires future research.

Throughout their natural range, they are mostly common but they are impacted by deforestation within their range and political unrest on some of these islands. Therefore, their future is uncertain.

These regal, colorful parrots are also very popular in captivity as pets.


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