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British Shorthair kittens as pets for your beautiful homes.

The British Shorthair is a very pleasant cat to have as a companion. She is easy going and placid. The British is a fiercely loyal, loving cat and will attach herself to every one of her family members. While the British loves to play, she doesn’t need hourly attention.

A playful, affectionate cat, the British Shorthair is fiercely loyal and a good companion.
Blue British Shorthair (4 months old) - YouTube

These cats are one of the oldest recognized cat breeds, first thought to have been brought to Britain by the Romans. Prized for their soft, plush coats and rounded bodies, British shorthairs could almost be mistaken for living teddy bears.

  • Blue is the most popular color for British Shorthair, so much so that the “British Blue” almost seems as if he is his own breed. Other colors and patterns include white, black, blue, cream, various tabby patterns, tortoiseshell, calico and bi-color (a color plus white).  His eyes can be deep gold, copper, blue or green, depending on which of his many coat colors or patterns he sports.

British Blue Kittens as pets for homes

  • 12-14 inches
  • 7-17 pounds
life span
  • 15-20 years
good with
  • children
  • seniors
  • dogs
  • cats
  • families
  • sociable
  • affectionate
  • high
shedding amount
  • occasional
  • medium
activity level
  • calm
  • when necessary
coat length
  • short
  • white
  • black / ebony
  • red / orange
  • blue / gray
  • cream / beige / tan
  • chocolate / brown / sable
  • cinnamon
  • fawn
  • lilac
  • solid
  • bi-color
  • tabby
  • calico / tri-color
  • color point
other traits
  • easy to train
  • easy to groom
  • friendly toward humans
  • friendly toward other pets
  • friendly toward strangers
  • tolerates being alone
  • high prey drive
  • good for first-time pet owners
  • strong loyalty tendencies

One of the most popular cat breeds in the world, the British shorthairs is appropriately named. Not only do they have a thick, plush short coat, they also have a friendly yet no-nonsense—that is, rather British—sensibility about life. British shorthairs make ideal family cats and enjoy being with their owners, but may turn up their noses at being held or cuddled too much.

This beautiful breed comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but the traditional British shorthairs is wrapped in blue fur.


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