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Blue and Gold Macaws are extremely intelligent and sociable companion parrots. They have beautiful brilliant colouring. They are as inquisitive as a kitten and playful as a puppy. They are also very good talkers and most have large vocabularies.

Blue and Gold Macaws make excellent family birds and most interact well with the entire family and enjoy interacting and showing off for everyone. Probably the most sociable and easiest to work with of the larger macaws. Most enjoy cuddling or laying on their back in your arms.

Beautiful, captivating, intelligent, and majestic, blue and gold macaws are one of the most popular large parrots. These brightly coloured beauties have much more to offer than just a pretty face; they are full of personality and comical charm. They are one of the more recognizable birds in the world and are an extraordinary pet for people who can handle a large parrot that demands attention.

Blue and Gold Macaws As A Pet

Well trained Blue and gold macaws make excellent pets. However, they need to be socialized from an early age. They are witty and easy to train. They are quite adorable and a sight to look at, Smart and sensitive, the Blue & Gold Macaw will not be happy unless accepted as a full-fledged member of the household. The Blue & Gold Macaw can be very demanding and has a tendency to become aggressive or pluck. Well-trained Blue & Gold Macaws are a visual delight.

COMMON NAMES: Blue and gold macaw, blue and yellow macaw


ADULT SIZE: 33 inches from beak to tail feathers, wingspan can reach 40 inches or more, and they typically weigh over 2 pounds

LIFE EXPECTANCY: Can live 60 or more years, although most live about 30 years; some blue and golds have lived up to 100 or more

This bird is a great talker; it can learn quickly and aims to please. Training is relatively simple as long as you are consistent. They can learn a vocabulary of around 20 words and phrases. Given the clarity of their voice, many people consider them one of the best talking parrots.

Caring for a Blue and Gold Macaw

Like most macaws, the blue and gold thrives on attention from its owner and will form a strong bond with its family members. Take time to socialize these birds properly and to provide them with adequate mental stimulation; otherwise, they might resort to screaming out of boredom.

These raucous birds require a cage that is at a minimum at least 5-feet tall and at least 3- or 4-feet wide and long. The bird needs lots of room to stretch its wings, hop and climb around, and keep itself occupied.

Special Characteristics

    • They are intelligent and social, so for someone who can provide for their needs, they make good and loving companion parrot.
    • They are known to their owners as more of a “one person” bird, and bond very closely to their owners.
  • The bird uses its powerful beak for breaking nutshells, and also for climbing up and hanging from trees.

Diet and Nutrition

Captive blue and gold macaws should get a varied diet consisting of as many different types of fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. The bird should also get a high-quality pelleted diet with some healthy seeds, such as flax, hemp, and chia. Avoid many nut treats; these are high in fat.

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  1. Irina Volkova (verified owner)

    Our pet bird’s lively and joyful personality is infectious, brightening our days.

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  2. Olivia Taylor (verified owner)

    We adore our pet bird’s tiny, delicate feet and the way they hold our hearts.

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  3. Olivia Taylor (verified owner)

    Our bird’s chatter keeps our home lively and filled with laughter.

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