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All-In-One Automatic Egg Incubator with built-in Automatic Egg Turner

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“After years of development and testing, we are excited to present you with the IncuView egg incubator. The IncuView has been designed to be an affordable alternative to other expensive plastic tabletop incubators on the market today. The IncuView egg incubator comes with many of the same features that the high-end, expensive incubators have, yet at a fraction of the cost. We have designed the IncuView to help you manage the critical factors that influence the success of your hatch: *Temperature* The proportional thermostat automatically controls the temperature by varying the amount of power that is supplied to the 40 watt heater instead of simply turning the heater off and on. This provides more precise temperature control over a standard on/off thermostat, and thus improves hatch rates. The IncuView also comes preset at 99.5 degrees F which is recommended for most eggs, yet can be easily adjusted if necessary, and a digital display makes it easy to read the current temperature. *Humidity* Built-in humidity rings and digital hygrometer (for humidity monitoring) allows the user to easily control humidity. The humidity gauge doesn’t just display the humidity percent, it shows you what range you should keep your humidity at for each phase of the incubation cycle. The flow-over humidity rings make it easy to fill just one, two, or all three humidity rings. *Egg Turning* The built-in automatic egg turner gently rolls the eggs six times per day (number of turns is adjustable), which prevents the yolk from settling while exercising the embryo. This rolling action is a close copy to how eggs are turned in nature. The universal tray also allows any size egg up to goose. *Hatching Period* The built in hatch timer keeps track of the days so you don’t have to. The clear dome lid allows for a panoramic view of the eggs, offering a great hatching experience. The durable plastic construction makes the IncuView easy to clean.”


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