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Fertile African Grey Eggs for hatching with incubator.

The African grey parrot is one of the most talented talking/ mimicking birds on the planet, giving it quite a reputation among bird enthusiasts.
African Grey Parrot Chicks In The Nest Box With Their Parents /Inside The Exotic Bird Breeding Box. - YouTube

The African grey parrot’s ability to talk and mimic sounds makes this medium-sized parrot a captivating companion. African grey owners often report that their greys oftentimes talk in context and seem very attuned to their people’s emotions. The African grey parrot is not just a top talker — this bird is also known for its extreme intelligence, which gives them the moniker “The Einsteins of the Bird World.”
Bird eggs for hatching from Europe

African greys are the most intelligent of the parrot species. Many grow to be extremely sweet and affectionate toward their owners, and the species is known for being quite sociable.”
They have a lifespan of approximately 23 years.

How long do African grey eggs take to hatch?

About 27-30 days after the Egg is laid the chick will be ready to hatch. This period may vary by a day if the correct incubation temperature of 99.5°F (37.5°C) and hatcher temperature of 98.5°F (36.9°C) have been maintained and weight management practiced. Pip occurs at 48 to 24 hours prior to hatch.


The hen may begin laying eggs in as little as two weeks after the first mating. This being said, sometimes a hen may get carried away and begin laying without a mating having taken place.

Candling Eggs to Assess Fertility and Embryo Development:
Eggs can be candled about 6 to 12 days after their incubation has begun to verify fertility and development of the egg. At that time you should see a web of tiny red/pink veins starting to become visible inside the shell.
Shining a light through the egg to observe embryo development is called “candling.” White or pale eggs are more easily candled than dark or speckled eggs, which require a high-intensity candler.

The presence of embryos can be confirmed easily after 6 days to 12 days of incubation.
The embryo is located in the large end of the egg, where blood vessels radiate under the surface of the shell.
The embryo appears as a dark spot that becomes larger as incubation progresses. Eventually only a dark mass and the air cell are seen.

Candling and Egg Development | Community Chickens

Before an egg hatches, the chick inside starts peeping. The chick uses a special egg tooth to peck around the circumference of the egg. It takes from a few hours to two days to peck all the way around it, depending on the strength of the chick and the thickness of the egg. This process is called “pipping.” Once a chick has pipped most of the way around its egg, it turns inside the shell and breaks out of the egg.
After the exhausting hatching, the chicks can often be seen resting on their backs. During these first few hours of its life. For the next 8 to 12 hours, the parents(Breeder) will not feed the chick, as it receives nourishment from absorbing its yolk sac. Feeding starts only after 8 to 12 hours after hatching.


The first 10 days of a chick’s life is a period of very rapid growth and development.

For the first week, the chicks are blind and helpless. A newly hatched chick is wet and has the appearance of an embryo.

After about 10 days you will be able to see pin feathers, which are their first feathers. At that time, the chick can easily move around the nest box and beg for food. Their vocalizations change from soft peep, peep, to loud and raspier calls for food.


The female(hen) will spend more and more time in the nest box, and she will feed from the cuttlebone and mineral block, the nutrients of which she needs to form the eggshell.

At this point it is especially important to provide water for bathing as she needs the moisture for the egg-building process within her, as well as to regulate the humidity in the nest box.

One way you will know eggs are on the way (within a day or so) is that the hen’s droppings will be huge compared to what they would be under normal circumstances. The parents will store their droppings and eliminate less often but with bigger results when they do leave the nest box.

These large droppings will continue throughout the nesting period. The hen may only come out to eliminate every 12 hours.

How long can eggs sit before you put them in the incubator? Hatchability holds reasonably well up to 3 weeksTherefore, do not store eggs more than 3 weeks before incubating.


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    Fantastic hatch rate. I had a better hatch rate with these guys than other suppliers i order previously.

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    Have a very good hatch rate. Highly recommended.

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    We have three gorgeous babies! They are so sweet and we are very be happier. We incubated our selves in the house and they started hatching exactly 21 days after placing in incubator. We got Noe, Langston and Gilda.

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    Hatch rate was high

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    Fast shipping. Order came ahead of due date.

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    Love the baby chicks that hatched

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    Husband decided he wanted to get some african grey eggs. We had never bought eggs online or tried to hatch eggs ourselves in an incubator-but we decided to give it a try. Was PLEASANTLY surprised when 10 of the 10 eggs hatched and they are now 4 weeks old

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