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Premium 9 Egg Automatic Mini Incubator with an automatic eggs turner.

– With a transparent cover, it is convenient to observe the hatching situation of the breeding eggs and the hatching process is clear at a glance.
– The internal egg tray has a large space between each egg position, which can meet duck eggs or various poultry eggs smaller than duck eggs. Competitive products can only put small eggs.
– Long use time, good heat dissipation performance, all-round ventilation.
– Metal temperature sensor, with high temperature acquisition accuracy, accurate temperature measurement, and timely feedback of temperature changes.
– The ceramic heating plate has good heat uniformity and stability, rapid temperature rise in functional density, safe surface without electricity, and good insulation performance.
– It can provide the oxygen needed by the embryo and discharge the carbon dioxide, make the temperature in the incubator uniform, dissipate the residual heat, and make the embryo hatch normally.
– The external power socket design is convenient and simple, with a long use time and not easy to loosen.
– The external water injection control design is simple to operate, so that the water can be maintained during the incubation.
– The external overflow is designed to avoid damage to the machine due to excessive water level.
– Cute cartoon expressions, featuring yellow lines, removable ears and feet, are favored by children.

Working voltage: 110-240V
Temperature control range: 30°C-39.5°C
Rated frequency: 50hz/60hz
Rated power: 20W
Color: yellow,pink
Material: ABS plastic
Size: 18 * 17 * 18 cm
Application scope: chicken, duck, quail, pigeon, etc.
Plug: AU Plug, US Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug

Operating Instructions:
1. Water must be added before use. Add water to the water filling hole with a water bottle. It cannot be added to any place outside the water tank. When the water volume reaches about 25ml, It will flow out of the overflow hole automatically. After the machine is filled with water, It should be squared to the horizontal table top. It is not allowed to tilt or roll over to avoid the water flowing to the place outside the water tank, Which may cause electric shock accident and damage to the machine.
2. Power on the machine with AC220V / 110V power supply, The machine enters into working state, And the indicator light is on (at this time, the internal heater works).
3. Warm up the machine for 10 to 20 minutes. Check that the controller is specified at 38 ℃. If not,Refer the temperature adjustment to adjusting the machine temperature to 38 ℃.
4. After preheating, power off the machine immediately. The fertilized eggs are then put into the machine. Cover the machine and power it up.

1.Before open the machine, The power supply of the machine needs to be disconnected.
2. Add water every other day.
3. The eggs hatched must be fertilized.
4. Turn the eggs manually 2-3 times a day.

Package included:
1 x Incubator
1 x Charging cable
1 x Instruction
1 x Water bottle


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