Planet Earth Forever [ buy parrots and eggs]

Planet Earth Forever


A simple picture with the Earth and quotes from the film "HOME". (Which I heartily encourage everyone to watch!)
Humankind and our planet has faced a crisis point, and scientists tell us we only have a few years left to reverse this trend, to change our livestyles, the way we think and behave, before it is too late.

"Too late" would mean things like world starvation, severe lack of drinking water, thousands of more species going extinct, extreme pollution, the poles melting, gas such as carbon dioxide and methane seeping into the atmosphere, and the rainforests, the lungs of the Earth, nearly gone.

But it is up to us what happens next, up to us to make changes.
Everyone can make a difference.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
That's said often, but *how* exactly can us ordinary people make changes to our world?

Well, I have a few suggestions.

Don't buy products made out of wood from rainforests.

Don't buy products produced in countries with major deforestation, such as the cattle ranches, soy bean and eukalyptys plantations in places like Brazil and Borneo.

Don't eat as much meat. Not only is the slaughter industry today beyond appalling, but it takes much more resources from the Earth to produce meat than grain. I won't say go vegan, but people today eat *too much* meat.

Don't waste your resources. Don't throw everything away because "I can just get a new one".

Buy second-hand stuff rather than brand new products as much as you can.

In other words, recycle more.

Support organizations such as WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), WPT (World Parrot Trust) and other organizations on the mission to save endangered species.

Drive less, walk and use your bike more. Both you and the planet will be better off for it!

Stop reproducing like bunnies. Overpopulation is the key and root to everything bad we humans have done to the planet, ourselves, and the other inhabitans of the planet.

Look up sustainable living, don't buy meat and fish from the large companies, and the same goes for all other products - make as much as you can yourself, or get it from small-scale companies, or small farms (when it comes to food).

Look up intentional communities and ecovillages. There are thousands of them around the world, and more ones are forming all the time. There are bigger ones and smaller ones, more and less technological, vegetarian and omnivorous, closer to and farther from civilization, with different goals (more or less environmental, political, or simply going back to a simpler, better lifestyle). There is one for almost everyone.

What am I going to do?
Of course, I can not ask of anyone to do all or even many of the things on the list above. I am probably never going to do them all myself, but I can strive to do as much good as possible, to have as little impact as possible.

I am no longer buying meat from slaughtered animals, so I don't encourage the slaughter industry, nor do I put a strain on all that grain produced to feed livestock.
Instead, the only meat coming into my home will be from wild or semi-wild animals like moose and reindeer.

I never buy fish. (Mostly because I don't like it.) But if I did, I would make sure it didn't come from the big companies emptying the oceans, but rather fished nearby. (Or I'd fish it myself. It's not that hard.)

I only buy eggs from small-scale farmers who let their chickens spend time outside. "Free-range" means thousands of birds cramped into one big chicken-factory, free-range *with access to being outside* is the best for the animals.

I make sure (to the best of my abilities) I don't buy anything with palm oil.

I don't own a car, and rarely go to places by car at all. My feet are there for walking, and if possible, biking. For longer trips, I use the bus or train.

I will not reproduce. Ever. My plan is to get sterilised when I'm old enough to make a mature decision, then, if I ever change my mind, I will adopt a child instead of creating more lives into an already overpopulated world.

I will join an intentional community/ecovillage. In fact, I've been helping on creating one since fall 2010. It will hopefully be a reality in a few years time and then I will live out the rest of my days, feeding myself from my own land and resources.

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And always remember...
No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

I claim no copyright on this, as the picture of the Earth is not mine (but I have permission to use it), and the text is from the film HOME, which is also free of copyright. Do with this as you please.

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