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Scarlet Macaw are mostly vivid red with bright yellow and blue edging on their wings. Some birds may have a band of green where the yellow meets the blue. The large eye patch is white, and the bill has a horn-colored upper mandible and a black lower mandible. There is no obvious way to tell apart the males from females; to figure this out, the bird needs genetic or surgical sexing.

Caring for the Scarlet Macaw

Macaws are the largest of the parrots. A scarlet macaw is best suited for a large space and will not thrive in a cage that is too small. Get a cage that is at least 2 1/2 feet by 3 feet. It needs a lot of out-of-cage time, and if it doesn’t get it, the bird may develop behavioral problems. It will resort to feather-plucking and other forms of self-mutilation. They can get bored quite easily, so provide them with large swings and toys.

Scarlet Macaws as Pets

Scarlet’s make great pets as they are intelligent, confident, friendly and magnificently beautiful. They can easily be trained to learn simple tricks and mimic sounds and develop vocabulary of around 10 words.

Although they look attractive and are bound to be taken as pets by anyone, you should keep in mind that scarlet’s are noisy birds and demand a lot of attention. If you are living in condominiums or apartments, you should give it a thought before buying as they get screechy and loud many times during the day. Make sure you treat your bird while you are training them either with food or a gentle touch or stroke which ever your pet prefers.
If they are not trained to be social they could become aggressive and could cause a lot of destruction. It is vital that the owner develop a bond with the pet bird.

Speech and Vocalizations

Confident and friendly, scarlets are usually eager to learn tricks and develop a vocabulary of 5 to 10 words. Scarlets can get extremely loud which may make them a questionable choice for those living in apartments or condominiums. If you are sensitive to loud noises, you might want to think about getting another bird species. 

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