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How to keep pet parrots warm in the winter?

The first thing to do is make sure that your parrot’s cage is away from windows and external doors and not in the way of any draught. Draught can make parrots ill.

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At the same time, make sure your heating doesn’t dry the air in the room where your bird is. Birds have sensitive respiratory tracts and dry air can also make them unwell.

If your heating does make the air in the room dry, you can use a humidifier to restore natural humidity in the room. Regular misting can help too.

Covering your parrot’s cage at night is also a good way to keep them warm and protected from potential temperature drops.

Make Use of Cage Covers

Another tip to keep your parrot warm this winter is to invest in a quality cage cover. A bird cage cover is a simple accessory that every parrot owner should invest in.
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Whether you own a larger parrot species like the African Grey or a small Parakeet, you’ll find a cage curtain is a neat accessory with several different uses.

Tossing a soft cover over your parrot’s cage will trap their warmth inside rather than allowing it to escape, which in turn helps preserve their thermal energy.

Cage covers are useful in a number of situations, such as introducing a parrot into a new home, transporting them in a vehicle, helping them sleep more soundly at night, and of course keeping them warm.

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