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parrots and eggs for sale


we believe in making sure every baby from our aviary gets adequate attention and socializing. Each baby then can be cuddled and played with several times a day. This results in secure, happy, healthy babies that love to be loved. We feed and wean our babies on an individual basis according to their needs. Your baby will be ready to go home when it is fully weaned and has mastered the basic commands (e.g. “step up”)

Updated pictures of your baby will be sent to you on a regular basis so you will have baby pictures and can keep track of your baby’s growth and progress. Once you reserve your baby, we will call it by the name you give us. When your baby is ready to go to your home, it will know its name.

We offer the best Exotic Birds; such as Macaws, Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Amazons, Swan, African Grey, Eclectus, Conures, Toucans, Parakeet, Parrotlets, Loris, Quaker Parrots, Lorikeets, Mynah, Lovebirds, Peacock, Poicephalus etc. We also have fertile fresh eggs also available. Call or Email to check availability.

Brooders, Bird Toys, Pet carriers, Nest boxes, S/steel feeders, Swivel Feeders, Clean Cup Feeders etc.
Food sorts:
Pellets, Hand Rearing Formulas, Dry Fruit N Nut Mixes, Seeded Sticks, Lori formulas, Nectar Pellets.
Worm out gels, Lice & mite sprays, Calcivet Liquid Supplements, Ornithon and much more….
» All our babies are hand raised in a family environment.
» They have no fear of dogs, the vacuum cleaner, music or loud noises.
» Stimulation is a main key here and babies are provided with lots of human interaction Television, that can be viewed all day, every day.
»A specialty being morning children’s shows, very colorful and lots of pleasant singing.
» All babies are spoon fed and raised on Roudybush formula.

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