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We have some tamed parrots and their fresh fertile eggs ready for sale.All our birds are tamed and talking and our eggs are very fertile with 100% hatching rate. we sell our birds with the correct paper works and we ship to any country of the world. we have the following birds in our aviary African Grey parrots Timneh Grey Scarlet macaws Blue gold macaws Blue wing macaws Hyacinth macaws Blue and Gold Macaw Blue winged Macaw Great Green Macaw Green winged Macaw Hyacinth Macaw Military Macaw Red bellied Macaw Red fronted Macaw Red shouldered Macaw Scarlet Macaw Severe Macaw Yellow collared Macaw conures cockatoos Parakeets Toucans Falcons Lories pionus tested fertile eggs with incubators for reasonable Prices we have more than 30 species of parrots and eggs

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Fertile species of parrots eggs now ready for sale, all collected from very healthy birds in my
Aviary ,has been candle tested and confirmed to be fertile.I have the following listed parrots eggs and parrots babies with adult available for sale.
-Hyacinth macaws eggs
-Greenwing macaws eggs
-Blue & gold macaw eggs
-Scarlet Macaws eggs
-Palm cockatoos eggs
-Umbrela cockatoos eggs
-Black palm cockatoos eggs
-Moluccan cockatoos eegs
-Goffin cockatoos eggs
-African Gray eggs
-Amazon eggs
-Toucan eggs
-Eclectus eggs
-Solomons island eclectus eggs
We shipped worldwide with a well protected octagon vx 20 turbo along side DvDs hand manuals to help buyers use it for the
proper and accurate raising of the parrot babiesand know how

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