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We are the #1 breeder of fertile parrot eggs, parrots,birds & other exotic pets. Our company is a registered aviary with a breeding experience for many years now. We breed and export different species of parrot eggs and birds worldwide.We ship babies,Adult birds and parrot eggs to any accessible area worldwide.

Fertile Macaw Eggs

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Fertile African Grey Eggs

We also employ the latest techniques to produce healthy offspring and fertile eggs. Our company also supply incubators,Brooders,Cages, with other exotic pets and their equipement. All our fertile parrot eggs are candle to ensure fertility,before shipment,our hatch ratio 1:1. (ie hatching rate is always 95% to 99% successful.

Fertile Falcon eggs

Fertile Swans eggs

Fertile Owl Eggs

Our Specialty is hand fed, 100% from day one, baby Parrots. Everything from Cockatiels to Cockatoos, Parakeets to Macaws & other bird species. Many of our birds are sold with a ONE YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE!!! We are also a leading authority on Ferrets and exotic pets.

Hyacinth Macaw pair

Black Palm Cockatoo

White Opaline Macaw

One-Stop Shop for Happy, Healthy Birds/parrot eggs

Whether you’ve had birds for years or you’re just bringing one home for the first time, our bird store has all the products that you need to take care of your avian family members. You can find everything in our physical location or in our online shop.

Besides food and toys, you’ll also need other accessories for your bird. This includes everything else that you will need for your bird’s cage, such as perches, swings, and ladders. You’ll also find stands for your feathered friends to perch outside of their cage. Plus, we offer leashes, travel cages, cleaning supplies, and much more.

Each and every one of our staff members is passionate about these gorgeous, magnificent creatures, and we can’t wait to share our love of birds with you!

Parrot Foods and Toys

A proper diet is essential for your bird’s health. While in the past people used to feed their birds all seed diets, we now know that such a diet is high in fat and does not provide the essential nutrients for your bird.

At our exotic bird store, you’ll find high-quality pellets and mixes that are designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements for birds of all sizes. We even offer our own custom blends of parrot food that are a healthy mix of pellets, nuts, and fruits and vegetables.

One of the most important things you will need in your bird’s environment is a variety of toys! A good parrot toy will not only satisfy their instincts to chew, shred, and forage, but it will also help them to flex those intellectual muscles! You’ll find toys of all different materials and sizes, from small beads and bells for tiny parrotlets to big, sturdy wood blocks for massive macaws.


It is our top priority that all our babies get a good beginning to life in terms of psychology as well as nutrition. This is why we give each bird a hand-feeding formula that best suits their species as well as their individual nutritional needs. We make sure to wean our babies according to their specific health-related requirements and individual rates of maturity. 

Not to mention, we expose our babies to a variety of feeds from the earliest stages so as to introduce them to different textures and tastes of food. This way, they can experiment and choose the type of feed that suits them the best. Birds by Joe weans their birds on a variety of trail mix blends, pastas, breads, cooked beans and rice, nuts for the Macaws and Conures, and fruits and vegetables. 

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  1. This has been one of the best experiences so far for my self and my family .We have been a monkey for a long time and visited so many breeders then I lost count.We spent enormous effort and who knows how much time to find to a write choice while I could have just simply gone on their website and asked them for help I wish I would have found! We selected our monkeys in 2 days and the way they work is that they gave group deliveries available at a lower price. But we would have had to wait 3 weeks for that so that we decided to order the private delivery service and pay the additional fees.
    Our monkey was with us 2 days later!!! I cannot express the Joy of our family and this whole experience was best I could have hoped for.
    Thank you so much to the entire team for making this possible and for great hand over.

  2. I am a breeder and I purchased two marmoset monkeys from this company with the intention to breed them.
    They arrived in good condition and customs clearance went very well with the help of the recommended.

    Good job guys, I’ll be back next year!

  3. We are extremely happy with the overall service we received, aside from a couple of minor communication issues, everyone was very knowledgeable, professional and kind. We will continue to recommend to our friends and family seeking a precious new companion!

  4. We had a great experience picking out our pup, having her transported to us by someone who was sweet and kind to her. He treated her like his own. We have changed her name from sasha to Layla . She is adjusting well. The breeders called to check in her. Wonderful experience from start to finish.

  5. Our experience with has been great! This was our first time buying a puppy and at first I was very skeptical. made the process so smooth and easy each step of the way. Once we purchased our boy, everything was communicated, I had several calls with managers and they explained everything. We got our pick up location, they were on time and the puppy transfer was smooth. We love our new boy so much, he is the perfect addition to our family. I have also made use of the free vetster appointments and some of the discount codes. Would definitely recommend!

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