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Green Wing Macaws for Sale

green wing macaws

The green wing macaws is a large parrot covered with mostly red plumage. The wing and tail feathers are blue and green, hence its name. This macaw has a white, naked face, striped with small red feathers. The beak is strongly hooked and the feet are zygodactylous (2 toes that point forward and 2 toes that point backward).
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The green wing has, not surprisingly, a band of forest-green at the center of its wings; below the green is a bright turquoise and above is a cherry-red that extends up and over the whole of the bird’s body and head; the flights are dark blue and the tail is very long and is comprised of blue and red feathers. The beak has a black lower mandible and a horn-colored upper mandible and is formidable in size, able to crack difficult nuts with ease.

Natural Habitat:

Wooded riparian zones, swamps, virgin forests and savannas.  A true forest bird, feeding in the treetops.

Physical Appearance:

Physical appearance may slightly vary depending on geographic area. Regardless of size, all macaws are characterized by strong beaks, long pointed tails, loud voices, and a facial area of bare skin called the cheek patch.  The cheek patch in the Green Winged Macaw is adorned with lines of single red feathers in a stitchery like pattern.  Their head and body are red.  Wings are blue and green. 


They generally lay their two or three eggs in a two-day interval.  The incubation period is from 21 to 28 days. All macaws are devoted family birds, mating for life and looking after their young even after they are grown.  They are altricial at birth.  The young are vigorous even when young.  The little macaws beg for food by flinging their wings and giving loud cries.  The parent responds by grasping baby’s beak at an angle; the young bird pumps away, taking food from the parent’s crop into its own. The most disturbing discovery made about macaws is their low reproductive capacity in the wild.  There may be as few as 15 to 25 young born each year to a group of 100 breeding pairs.  They do not breed annually.
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Care & Feeding

The green wing’s size alone is a deterrent for many bird owners, who don’t have the room for such a large animal. The green-winged macaw needs a very large cage. Stainless-steel cages are now becoming popular and more affordable, and are a good material for green-wing housing; this bird can easily bend or break the bars of a cheaply made cage. Powder-coated cages are fine, too, if they’re well-made, and the bird will greatly appreciate a cage with a play top.

Green wings get along with most other macaws their size, so keeping two macaws together is fine, but don’t allow birds of different species to breed.

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