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Generally, ostrich Birds gain sexual maturity at their 2 to 4 years of age. Female ostrich gain sexual maturity 6 months earlier than male ostrich. Breeding season stays from March or April to September. This reproductive process can be very according the the condition of weather. A male ostrich bird can mate with more than 2 to 7 female ostrich. Ostriches make special type of sound during their mating time. Male ostrich spread their wing for attracting the female ostrich. If the male bird can impress the female bird, then they go in calm place and leave others. A female bird lays their eggs in a hole of 30 to 60 cm depth and about 3 meter wide. Male ostrich dig this hole for their ladies. On an average, an egg can be about 15 cm long 13 cm wide and weights about 1.4 kg. The egg shell is thick and glossy cream colored. There are some little spots in the egg surface. Both male and female ostrich hatch the eggs one after another throughout the day and night. Usually it takes about 35 to 45 days to hatch the eggs. The male ostrich take care of the chicks and teach them feeding. Ostrich chick survival rate is very low. In the wild, their main enemies are lions, fox, vulture etc.

Ostrich chicks need special care by keeping them inside the house for about 8 weeks. The temperature of newly born ostrich chicks house should be 28.0 to 30.0°c. Serve them food 3 to 4 times a day, for their first week. After that the room temperature would be at least 30.0 c for next three weeks. Feeding the ostrich chicks is very difficult and expensive. Provide essential amino acid, protein, energy and trace elements with the chick’s food.

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Behavior of Ostrich

During winter season, they used to stay in pair or single. In breeding season or in dry seasons, they stay in a group of 5 to 50 birds. One female ostrich of the group lives as a status of queen. They usually used to roam with zebra and deer. They stay in the grassland in day time, and occasionally in moonlit night. They have a great power of vision and hearing. By using their vision and hearing power, they can understand about their enemy’s position, and keep themselves free from lion or other wild animals. When they attacked by any wild animals, they can move very fast at the rate of 70 km per hour. Among the two leg animals, ostriches are the fastest than others. While running, they use their wings as a rudder. So they can easily change their direction. While running, they can cross a distance of 10 to 15 feet in one step. Among the wild animals, ostriches are in second position in speed. When they get infected, they lay down their head and neck in the ground. They use their long and strong leg to protect themselves from enemies.