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Military macaw are mainly green with more bright lime green on the head that progresses into darker and olive greens on the body. They have brilliant blue edging on their wings and a bright red tuft on their foreheads. Their tail feathers include browns and reds with a yellow-olive tint underneath.

These birds have bold black beaks and dark gray legs and feet. Their eyes are framed by the classic bare macaw facial patches, each with concentric rings of small black feathers.

This is a monomorphic species, meaning males and females look alike. DNA or surgical sexing are the only ways to determine whether the bird is male or female.

Caring for a Military Macaw

In captivity, a parrot’s owner becomes the bird’s flockmate. This bird is not a pet that you can buy and ignore; these birds need interaction and mental stimulation.1 If you don’t oblige them, you will pay the price in wrecked property, bitten fingers, and frustration.

These are very inquisitive and intelligent birds, and they will love to learn new tricks as well as new words to mimic. Like their other cousins, the Military Macaw is a fairly good talker. They can develop a modest vocabulary and repeat certain words continuously throughout the day. Though generally quiet, they can still become loud when excited, signaling with their noisy caws and screams.

Like a painter’s palette, the Military Macaw’s plumage is filled with a lot of tropical, vibrant colors, guaranteeing a spectacular sight. The body is generally green, but a lot of it is streaked with yellow and lime tones. The underside of the wings and tail are bright yellow, while the top side of both is bright blue. Several tail feathers are purple. A distinguishing trait is their bright red forehead. All of these colors are further accented by a lot of gradients, and mixed together they provide a truly tropical feeling.


Each subspecies represents a different and distinct population and they are are separated by thousands of miles of terrain.

    • Military Macaw, A.m. militaris – The nominate form occurs in the eastern tropics of Colombia to western Venezuela and south into eastern Ecuador and northeastern Peru.

    • Bolivian Green MacawsA. m. boliviana – this subspecies is found in the tropical portions of Bolivia and ranges to extreme north-western Argentina.

  • Mexican Green Military Macaws , A. m. mexicana population – the northernmost subspecies is located in Mexico from southeastern Sonora and Sinaloa south to the Yucatan and perhaps into western Guatemala.

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