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Male Grand Eclectus Parrot



Male Grand Eclectus Parrot

Special breed of eclectus, also know as dusky eclectus. He is a mix between a Grand Male and a Vosemari Female.
The Grand eclectus, is smaller than other eclectus parrots, has a narrower beak than others. The tail is considerably shorter and narrowly tipped with lemon yellow.
His name is cheeky, he has been handraised sinced 4-5 weeks old. Beautiful bird 2 and a half years old. Hwever he is a very shy bird and will take some time getting use to strangers much like all birds, so dont expect him to love you straight away. He will have to take time to get used to you and family. He is handraised and hand reared, does not bite, nibbles and loves to chew. He belongs to my son and he is very attracted and close with him as he spends most of the time with him.
He speaks say hello, hello honey, honey, he says baba and mama, he says hello cheeky boy, he gives kisses when hes in a good mood evening making the sound. He sings and makes alot of beautiful sounds. He loves to wondet about and play. Eats meals with the family everyday. Likes fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds aswell as many other things.
When hes alone in his cage he talks to himself and sings. Comes with a big cage and loads of seeds (optional).
Usually in the house playing and sometimes in his cage eating.
Very plauful bird around our family cause hes only been around us his whole life and dosent see many other people so will take time.
Call or msg me if interested

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