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Macaws are quite distinguished looking, They are easy to recognize with their large heads, strong curved beak, and an elegant long tail. They are also very smart and inquisitive birds, and they are also lively and playful. Being highly intelligent and very social, they need a lot of attention and toys to keep them busy. Pet Macaws adapt well to captivity, adjusting easily to their cage or aviary and their new home. A young macaw will tame quickly and bond to its keepers.

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The feather coloring of the macaws is vibrant and beautiful. The most familiar types of macaws are large birds though a there are also a few species, known as mini macaws, that are medium sized. No matter what their size, they are all captivating birds.

The large macaws tend to have the most exotic feather coloring. Mini macaws are primarily a bright green with a few color accents on their shoulders or tails. A number of macaws have been cross bred, producing quite a variety of hybrid macaws. The hybrid macaws have brilliant variations on the normal coloration of their parentage.

Macaws make excellent pets but are very loud. They are not the greatest talkers, but they love socialization. Social interaction is the key, a pet macaw may soon begin to mimic the sounds of their keeper’s voice as well as many other sounds in its environment. Macaws are highly intelligent as well as both active and interactive, making them very outgoing and quick to pick up on tricks. A joyful lifetime companion for the right keepers!

Macaw Lifespan
How long do macaws live? This is an important question that macaw enthusiasts ask. Macaws are often mistakenly thought to live up to 75 years or more, but this is incorrect. The actual lifespan of a Large Macaw and Hybrid Macaws is between 35 – 60 years. The life span of the Mini Macaw is shorter, on average they will live 20 – 25 years. Macaws are not as long lived as the cockatoos. A 40 year old macaw will start showing the signs of aging and a 50 year old macaw is a very old bird!

Macaw Behavior
In the wild macaws form a strong bond with another bird and the pair will join small flocks. They also tend to only vocalize within flock situations. In captivity most pet macaws are more likely to interact with their owners through physical contact, and often use vocal mimicry for attention.

Macaws make excellent pets. They have very nice temperaments and are very playful. A hand reared macaw is usually gentle and easily handled. There are a few things to be aware of (and to do) in order to have a wonderful and affectionate pet macaw:

  • Socializing A Macaw
    A well socialized macaw is a pet that will be enjoyed in lots of situations and by many people for years. A young macaw should be socialized with as many people as possible. They also should be exposed to lots of situations such as new cages, visits to a veterinarian, handling by friends, and having their wings and nails clipped.
    Socializing a macaw and providing it lots of experiences are the keys to a great pet. Doing these things will develop a well rounded bird that doesn’t become frightened of new things. It will also prevent too strong a bond with only one person developing.

  • Macaws and Children
    Macaws and children can mix very successfully if the child learns how to interact with the parrot. Children and macaws should be supervised.

  • Macaws and Pets
    Macaws and other pets can also get used to each other and learn to accept each other. Again, however, be very careful to monitor all groupings of animals. A macaw can be very dangerous to small pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, and even small birds. Close friendships are just as possible as deadly enemy behaviors. You won’t know until the relationship unfolds over time

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Macaw Training
Macaws are excellent for taming, and relatively easy to train. They are very intelligent, and talkers, they can be taught many tricks. This ability to learn and perform tricks makes them a favorite bird for use in shows all over the world.

Taming and training your parrot depends first on trust, so go slowly and be consistent. Remember that taming and training a bird takes patience, never ‘punish’ your parrot! This only serves to destroy the trust you’ve spent so much time building.

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