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Buying Hyacinth Macaws for breeding

Buying breeding birds wisely is the first step for successful results. Hyacinths are very expensive birds so I am surprised that many people are so cavalier when they purchase them. Large amounts of money are sent to strangers to buy a bird that has often not even been seen. The new Hyacinth might be a nice healthy bird or the bird might not be what was expected at all. When birds are purchased this way, it is a gamble. If the bird was shipped long distances it may be impossible to receive compensation for a sick bird or dead bird. I cannot imagine anyone making any other kind of expensive purchase with such a carefree attitude.

Buying Hyacinth Macaw Pairs
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It is virtually impossible to establish that a pair of birds is proven, if such claims are made. Yet, asking for references and following them up can provide a great deal of information. Always ask to speak to the seller’s veterinarian. If the seller has nothing to hide he will permit his veterinarian to speak freely to anyone who is interested in purchasing his birds.

Some helpful information can be acquired if it is possible to see the birds in the aviary before agreeing to purchase them.

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